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Who the Hell is: Greg Watts

HUGE flip x up from Mongoose rider Greg Watts greg watts

HUGE flip x up from Mongoose rider Greg Watts

Well I would hope that most of you would actually know who the hell Greg Watts (Mongoose Bikes) is! His name has become all but synonymous with MTB Slopestyle.

You know it’s a little weird to think of Greg as one of the elder statesman of MTB freestyle and Slopestyle, which he is. But I mean hell, it’s not like he’s an old man thinking back on his younger days! Greg is absolutely still killing it on a bike and is a threat to win any contest he comes out for.  Check out his latest edit right HERE. But we can not deny that he was one of the early guys really pushing what is still a young sport. Growing up as a pivotal figure in the Santa Cruz/Aptos scene helped shape Greg as they all shaped the sport. The years and experiences gained behind bars all around the world has made Greg more comfortable and in control of his bike and his career. He has more then paid his dues over the years and made his mark in so many ways on the sport. Standing on top of the Crankworx podium in 2009 may be his highlight so far in his career but it is only one among a myriad of achievements and trophies.

Now read more about Greg Watts below in this PSBMX Exclusive Interview

CAn you spy Greg Watts and everyone at the first 26 trick event over 10 years ago? Pic by Tarek Rasouli greg watts

CAn you spy Greg Watts and everyone at the first 26 trick event over 10 years ago? Pic by Tarek Rasouli

How did you get started riding?
I’ve been riding my whole life basically. My dad was a pro Moto racer back in the day and an avid mountain biker since the 80’s so it is in my blood I guess. I started riding with him and my dad at an early age and never looked back.
What keeps you motivated to ride?
My motivation changes from time to time. When I started, I just wanted to keep up with the riding crew in Santa Cruz, but when I started to compete, my new motivation was to win. I like setting goals for myself and love it when a goal becomes a reality. Since I am getting a bit older in relation to the guys (or kids) im competing with, My goals have changed a bit. I am now happy with a top 5 finish while staying healthy to compete in the next event. Consistency and health are big for me now because you cant keep sponsors happy with constant injuries. The one thing that hasn’t changed my entire career is my love for the sport. I have always said I would do the same stuff, even if I didn’t get paid for it. Every year I can continue doing what I love for a job is an extended blessing for me.
Who was/is the most influential person on your riding?
I would say my family. I grew up riding with my brother and my dad and I want to make them proud. My dad keeps me on my toes on the trails still and it’s great sharing my accomplishments with him. My brother was on the verge of being a paid pro himself so I want to continue my ways to acknowledge the fact that he pushed me to that level.
What’s Your Preference? Street, Park, Dirt, DH, Vert, Flat?
Which do you wish you were better at?
Street or park. It’s a little embarrassing haha
What was your first bike?
GT Mini Mach 1
Whats your favorite trick?
flip super seater
Where’s your favorite place to ride?
Whats your favorite event?
Whistler Crankworx

Greg Watts boosting the crap out of a 3 x-up at Crankworx in 2015.  greg watts

Greg Watts boosting the crap out of a 3 x-up at Crankworx in 2015. Pic by Red Bull Media House

Whats been your best moment with your bike so far?
I would say Crankworx 2009 when I won Slopestyle. It’s my biggest accomplishment on a bike and I remember that day so clearly, even 6 years later.
What’s your favorite story from a road trip?
All my old road trips racing the Norba series are my favorite. Traveling with my buddies race to race is quite a memory. Lots of people don’t know that I was a full racer as a Junior before I turned to Slopestyle.
How do you feel about the bike scene today?
I think it has grown leaps and bounds. So many more riders around and the progression is going through the roof! Every year the contests and events get a little better and more competitive. I hope it continues on that path.
What type of music do you ride to?
What do you when you are not riding?
Fishing, Moto, building jumps/trails and hanging with my new Fiance
What’s your day job?
All things Bicycle
What are your riding plans for the future?
I plan to continue to ride for as long as I can. Like I said, it’s a blessing to do what I love as a job and I’ll do it until I physically cant any more. Maybe longer
What’s the best advice you have ever received?
Listen to yourself. If you really aren’t feeling a stunt or course, it’s best to not push it.
Any last words, thoughts or shout outs?
Big shout out to my hometown of Santa cruz and my new riding buddies in Reno! Love it here so far, but I plan to return to Santa Cruz at some point

Here’s a little throwback with Greg shot and cut by Lone Wolf Productions…

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