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How To: Wallride with Seth

Every rider should know how to wallride. how to wallride

Every rider should know how to wallride.

I have to admit I wasn’t sure we wanted to share this edit. But when it came down to it Seth aka Seth’s Bike Hacks offers some solid pointers on how to learn hop wallrides. My problem lies in his helmet choice. I do not have an issue with his helmet based on what is or isn’t considered fashionable. But the helmet he is wearing is a single hit helmet designed for trail riding and road biking which means it is not certified for action sports like BMX or MTB street. You should use the right tool for the job.

But the truth is every rider should know how to wallride ready. Take a look at this track rider. He definitely knew a thing or two about hopping and laying the bike over. It saved his ass and maybe someday it will save yours when you are trying to get away from some crackhead while you are out on a ride…

velowallride how to wallride

Now kick back for a minute, watch this and then go wallride your neighbors garage…

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