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Thursday Wackyness

The first cat to turn the red dot against us!!! wackyness

The first cat to turn the red dot against us!!!

Wackyness has been a bit fluid as far as what days we share it on. Mostly based on time and when we fill we have good enough randomness from the world wide webs to share with all of you. We got enough for today so here goes our weekly roundup if things we found or were sent that made us laugh or think or whatever…Enjoy!

littlehands wackyness
Best senior portrait EVER!!!
Every guy has had this conversation...
ticketcam wackyness
For all of your Ironic purchasing needs
tumblr_o786r2cV6Z1t62idpo1_500 wackyness
Finally found footage of my first bike race!!!
Snow and blasting fools just doesn't mix
tumblr_o7e03dmtg91vuu5cjo1_540 wackyness
I remember having a sad boy house for a while...haha
I still want to go see the new one!

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