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Product: Coast Cycles Buzzraw – The Ultimate Party Bike

Using the Coast Cycles Buzzraw to party is what this bike is for! coast cycles buzzraw

Using the Coast Cycles Buzzraw to party is what this bike is for!

We first spotted the Coast Cycles Buzzraw when it was called the Ruckus this last summer. When we happened across this crazy bike we were so stoked. Our memories of our first mini motor bike as a kid come flooding back so hard we couldn’t hold back our grins. And based on how popular the posts were we weren’t the only ones who got stoked on this bike. I am sure many of us had one of these bad boys as a kid and were absolutely stoked on them…

briggs-side-valve-purple-1 coast cycles buzzraw
Everyone's first mini bike looked like this.

All of those same feelings came back to us when we actually got to ride one. Our first experience was ripping them up and down the halls of Interbike in Las Vegas this last fall. We were laughing our asses off riding tandem on the Coast Cycles Buzzraw and trying our best not to take out any fellow show attendees. It worked well except for that one lady who was texting instead of keeping an eye for two nut jobs weaving a bike through the crowd…haha. But riding the bike around at the show made one thing extremely clear…This Bike is too much fun to ride! It is definitely not designed for jumping or sending any kind of tricks on but if you are headed on a coffee run, a beer run, riding to work or on a beer run this is the perfect bike for the job. The truth is that this bike is super easy, fun and stable to ride even if that beer run went way longer and harder than you expected. Which is to say the Buzzraw is the ultimate party bike!

coast cycles buzzraw complete bike coast cycles buzzraw
The Coast Cycles Buzzraw is the perfect bike to go grab a beer or coffee or beer on.

Alright lets talk about some facts and figures in regards to the Coast Cycles Buzzraw. The frame, fork and bars are all made out of cromoly. The tires on this bad boy are 20″ by 4″ tires and are available in a Innova street slick or the slightly knobby VEE Mission. You get 8 speeds too thanks to a Sam X4 shifter and derailleur combo. Stopping duties are handled by front and rear Tektro cable disc brakes which are more then capable for this bike. It comes pretty well spec’d throughout the build. Check out all of the details on the Coast Cycles Website

coast cycles buzzraw complete bike coast cycles buzzraw
We even tried to ride the Coast Cycles Buzzraw on dirt.

We originally planned to do a build video to show everyone the unboxing and how to assemble the Buzzraw but that would have been a really boring video. Coast Cycles send this bike out almost completely assembled. Which was super rad. Pretty much all that we had to do was install the pedals, the bars and make a few minor adjustments and it was ready to ride. But despite it being so easy to put together we still messed up. Make sure when you assemble yours that the bars go into the forks all the way to the paint. This will make sure the bars are in the forks enough to be strong and to stay put. Other then that the Coast Cycles Buzzraw will be one of the easiest bikes to build and maintain you have ever owned.

coast cycles buzzraw coast cycles buzzraw
Pro flatland rider Alex Jumelin chilling with his Electric Coast Cycles Buzzraw in Paris.
In that pic above you will see one of the best features available for the Buzzraw. You can put an electric motor on this thing!!! OHHHH DAMN!!! That would make this already fun to pedal bike an absolutely beast to rip around on. We did not get a motor to test on ours but just check out this clip they posted. And yes you want one!

Not sure what else we can say about the Coast Cycles Buzzraw. We had too much fun riding this thing. Nick Soloninka and I took them out a few days alreasy in between snowstorms and it was almost hard to ride them anywhere people saw you because they all stopped to ask us questions about the bike. You definitely get noticed on the Buzzraw. We also hurt our faces a bit grinning and laughing the whole time. Check out this video we shot from the day and stay tuned for a lot more shenanigans from PSBMX and the Coast Cycles Buzzraw throughout 2017. It’s gonna be fun! …

Coast Cycles Buzzraw Review by PSBMX

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