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Pass that Dollo: Tuesday with Piotrek Krajewski

PIOTREK KRAJEWSKI - BEST OF 2016 I Pass that Dollo PSBMX vol.1

We are pleased to announce our new column writer and one hell of a shredder: Piotr Krajewski aka. Kraja or Dollo – depends in which situation you will meet that kinky freerider. Making a name for himself by jumping biggest jumps one after another, Kraja has proved himself as a true ambassador of having fun in life despite the reality of adult living. We are stoked on this partnership and can’t wait for another road trip with him! – Matt

piotrek krajewski, kraja, mtb, mtb freeride, dirt jumping, dollo

Piotrek Krajewski following Szymon Godziek at Crankworx Whistler by www.wolisphoto.com

Piorek Krajewski: Hello there! Welcome to my first article here on PSBMX.com, where each second Tuesday of the month I’ll be talking about bikes, trips and what’s currently going on in the world of gravity bikes – from my point of view! Speaking of me, let me introduce myself…

My name is Piotrek Krajewski and I have been biking for almost half of my life. I’m 25 years-old and by now I have been riding for 12 years (first 10 years are tricky but now you just chill). I was raised and born in Warsaw, Poland (Europe if You didn’t know). I ride for Dartmoor Bikes and I’m the main biking instructor for Dirt It More.

piotrek krajewski, kraja, mtb, mtb freeride, dirt jumping, dollo
Signature one by www.wolisphoto.com

So let me begin with wishes for a Happy New Year 2017 spent without any single scratch to you all! For me, last year combined both the best and worst moments. As a start of the year, in March to be exact, I dislocated a collarbone while snowboarding in Italy. This really sucked because I did it exactly two weeks before the season starter trip to the dirt paradise – Bikepark La Poma. You can imagine how happy I was knowing that this long awaited trip was gone for me especially knowing that I have spent whole winter preparing myself for the upcoming season. Anyway (now I can say “JUST” but back then it was like forever) after 3,5 months I got back on two wheels – pumped as never before and ready to test my home spot after crowdfunded renovation (we managed to raise almost 4000$ – thanks everyone involved) – Bikepark Kazoora. I was so happy to be able to ride again and it was just the beginning of something that exceeded beyond my wildest expectations…

I bet that most bikers, (except the Canadians) have that one biking dream to visit and shred the bike mecca – Whistler Mountain Bikepark! I got the info that strong Polish team is going there, (cheers to Szymon Godziek, Wolisphoto, Flair Motion, BIP Family and RyyS) so I said to myself “f#$k it, no it’s the time to do it” so I bought the plane tickets and the trip was on.

piotrek krajewski, kraja, mtb, mtb freeride, dirt jumping, dollo
Backwood Jam NFCC by www.wolisphoto.com

So why this trip was yet the best experience of my life? I have finished first try the tracks that are quite not ordinary! First by using my Dartmoor Bikes Roots on Crabapple Hits track by following Jaime Hill – imagine how positively shocked I was to ask a girl if I could go follow her. Secondly on my suspension bike Shine the Red Bull JoyRide by following Szymon Godziek – I have never ridden such step kickers – they were sending straight to the moon! And finally Logan Peat’s Backwoods at Coast Gravity Park without trying first the bitch line so I have to say I’m quite stoked of it (Cheers to Brendan Howey for the best high trains there).  After coming back to Poland I was so ‘depressed” that dirt jumps are so small here but the plans are to change it. Of course there is the Fest Series which I hope to ride one day and the new Nico Vink’s line at Bikepark Chatel which I look forward to test this season!

I managed also to visit, help with building and shred the first bikepark in Turkey – Erciyes Bikepark located at the Erciyes Mountain, which actually is inactive volcano (Cheers Emrah Özbay). I was the first person ever to ride down from almost the top of it (top is at 3 916m and I have started something around 3650m to the down station at 2000m). We also had the pleasure to visit and ride the famous Cappadocia, so yeah, this trip was amazing too!

I have to say that last year was quite awesome for me and I think this year gonna be even sicker! I begin in the February with the season starter trip to Malaga and Barcelona so stay tuned!

Cheers Dollo

piotrek krajewski, kraja, mtb, mtb freeride, dirt jumping, dollo
It's hard to out beat a stretched superman from Kraja. by @szachimat

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