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Weird Interview with the Drop and Roll Gang

drop and roll

The Drop and Roll Gang doing business. Danny front flipping and Fabio backflipping behind him.

Do you know this gang?

drop and roll

Or better, how Well do you know them?

This Thursday we have something really special in store for you. A very special interview awaits you when you scroll down a page but check out the rules first.


It’s a “color association interview” (wait? what?). So, we gave them 10 questions on the LEFT side of the page, and the D&R members shoot us answers on the RIGHT.


We will not reveal which D&R member gave us which answers, but if you can guess, there is a reward for You on the bottom of this page. Don’t scroll right away, try to figure it our yourself first.

DROP and ROLL member Number 1

drop and roll

DROP and ROLL member Number 2

drop and roll

DROP and ROLL member Number 3

drop and roll

Middle interview tips:

Duncan loves manual
Danny introduce Donny Macoosill 
Henry is not a trial rider
Fabio road the Dam, remember?
Ali C publish his Vlogs on Friday.
DROP and ROLL member Number 4
drop and roll
DROP and ROLL member Number 5

drop and roll

drop and roll

Drop and Roll group photo after the show at Eurobike with Primož (blue T-shirt) and me (Leo Gamboc) feeling special.

Danny MacAskill - This is Drop and Roll from Drop and Roll TV


D&R member Number 1 – Henry

D&R member Number 2 – Fabio

D&R member Number 3 – Duncan

D&R member Number 4 – Danny

D&R member Number 5 – Ali C


If you knew which answers reflected the thoughts of the D&R member before reading the explanation above, then you deserve the title of The Best Drop and Roll FAN EVER. Check out their site (dropandrolltour.com) and message them (dropandroll@rasoulution.com)  and maybe they’ll invite you to their next show!

To stay on top of the D&R news you can always come back to PSBMX.com but also follow the team members on their social channels. Here are their Instagram accounts, in case you don’t follow them yet.

Danny Macaskill

Fabio Wibmer

Ali C

Duncan Shaw

Henry Jackson

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