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Support the MTB Dirt Jumping Europe Tour 2017

MTB Dirt Jumping Europe Tour 2017

A 20 episode on-the-road story of jumping ALL the dirt jumps in Europe!

To support and be a part of the MTB Dirt Jumping Europe Tour 2017 project on Indiegogo click HERE.

dirt jumping

The Dirt Jumping Europe Tour 2017 (1.5. – 30.9.) is a 5-month #vanlife experience of jumping all the dirt jumps with a mountain bike. With this ambitious goal, we’ll have a chance to promote riders we meet, their lifestyle, and the trails we visit. To tell dirt stories we’ll produce 20 articles, one every week, and publish them on PSBMX.com (main media partner). The articles will include a riding video, photos, and behind-the-scenes adventure stories.

Many people get stuck in a loop and lose motivation to pursue their passion at some point in life. With “us” dirt jumpers this usually means: your local spot gets closed down, you live in a place where there is no one to ride with, you can’t get the motivation to make progress on your sessions, your bike breaks down, you need money to get to a contest, etc. With this project, we’ll be able to solve at least one of those problems for the riders we’ll meet and motivate our readers and fans to follow their dreams.

This is how we imagine the perfect day on the road: Get up in the middle of the forest in the motorhome, do a morning stretching routine, grab a shovel and pack some dirt trails, grab a bike and enjoy the trails with the local riders, land new tricks, film the whole session, offer a beer and BBQ to the locals in the evening and repeat the whole thing at a new place tomorrow.

There are many ways to be a part of this adventure with the PERKS of the Indiegogo campaign. Check it out on Indiegogo.com.

My name is Leo Gamboc (27) and I’m the Project Manager of The Dirt Jumping Europe Tour 2017. I come from Umag, Croatia. My passion is MTB dirt jumping. Bringing to life creative projects like this one. I’m also a content manager for PSBMX.com. Check my last project on www.connectedproject.net.

My partner in crime for this adventure is Jonas Drechsler (18). He is from Großbettlingen, a small village near Stuttgart (Germany) any he is the filmer and producer of the episodes.

dirt jumping

dirt jumping

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