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Pass that Dollo 2: Tuesday with Piotrek Krajewski

Piotrek Krajewski is back again for his second all-out post where he sums up extreme biking highlights from the past month! Dig in for a freshly baked up stories and thoughts from PSBMX’s own – Piotrek Krajewski “Kraja”!

Hello fellas, welcome again to my monthly article here at PSBMX.com! I hope you are enjoying the valentine’s day with your beloved bike and the other other half! I will start with a last month’s highlights and then a short summery of my last year’s trip to Turkey!

piotrek krajewski, mtb, freeride, pass that dollo, dirt jumping piotrek krajewski
Howdy from Turkey!

Staronphoto - Piotr Staroń

First thing to mention is a BMX Triple Challenge and the insane level of riding! Tricks like downside whip to indian air or body varial by Dawid Godziek, 72 Double Tailwhip by Kyle Baldock, Twix (tailwhip barspin) to tailwhip by Colton Walker or Double Backflip and then 1080 by Brian Fox who has also won the best trick with Cashroll Tailwhip. Once you combine the size of the jumps (which weren’t that big if you compare it to MTB Slopestyle Competitions) with these trick the result is like – HOW the hell?!

piotrek krajewski, mtb, freeride, pass that dollo, dirt jumping piotrek krajewski
Hard choices.

TwoSix - Andrzej Marchlewski

But let’s come down to the earth straight to the world of mountain bikes with a special event – White Style! Guys shredding bigger bikes keep up with BMX with tricks like double flips, corks 72 or massive super flips but the jumps are like, two times bigger! Torquato Testa in his winning run did a total rotation of 2520 degrees at just four obstacles, so man he must have had a dizziness as he landed the last trick. I didn’t expect this level of spinning so soon in the competition, but the future is now as we watch! Cheers also to Simon Pages and Nico Scholze who got 2nd and 3rd!

mtb, freeride, dirt jumping, turkey, Pass that Dollo, Piotrek Krajewski piotrek krajewski

Piotrek Krajewski is probably one of the few riders ready to pull a tailwhip everywhere. Literally. Photo by: Staronphoto – Piotr Staroń

Traveling down Europe you get to South Africa where the DarkFest went down last weekend. Sick line of massive jumps and a chill session format bring out the best of the bunch of dudes that happen to be the best freeriders in the world with a special distinction for Adolf Silva who always goes godlike mode! It’s no surprise if he trains at La Poma and look up to the boss Andreu Lacondeguy. If this happened at the very first month of the year than we could expect a lot more to come this season!

piotrek krajewski, mtb, freeride, pass that dollo, dirt jumping piotrek krajewski
Not your everyday skatepark.

Staronphoto - Piotr Staroń

Let us focus on Turkey right now! At the end of last year we had an opportunity to visit the biggest bikepark in that country – Erciyes Bikepark. It is located in the centre near the city of Kayseri and also one hour drive from famous Cappadocia. The bikepark itself was built last year so it is just brand new and the surface of the lines is so different. Erciyes mountain is the inactive volcano so the ground is basically volcanic ash but it is totally rideable. It’s like you would be riding on moon so the experience is sooo awesome.
When I got to know that no one ever did the line from the top of it (3918m) I knew it was my mission. I did manage to climb for around 3650m and it took me around 2 hours to get to our hotel which was around 2100m. Before the start I was so pumped about it but it came out that only the first 200m descent was this dreamy dirt powder and then… rocky enduro so you can imagine how disappointed I was. But anyway I plan to come back there and clear it from the top!

piotrek krajewski, mtb, freeride, pass that dollo, dirt jumping piotrek krajewski
Upside down in Cappadocia.

Staronphoto - Piotr Staroń

The famous Cappadocia in some places was like a natural terrain skatepark and even though those are not my favourite type, I still had a lot of fun playing at it. We have managed to visit some spots you might have seen in “Ride With Swedes” and also the drops seen in NWD 7. Riding there is straight from the “must do” list if you plan to trip around the world with bike. The rest you can see in the video recap from this trip.

See you next month when I will bring you the news from February and my trip to Spain (Malaga and Barcelona) so stay tuned and safe folks!

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