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Who the Hell is: Alex Alanko

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Alex Alanko stretching it out in China

Our interview series “Who the Hell is” changed it’s original publication date for every Thursday, well – just because. Before we get into Alex Alanko talk, we are not sorry about the time schedule and from now on, you have more time to get ready for your weekly Friday’s “get lit” parties and bullshit. We keep fingers crossed you will use this time wisely for education, making world a better place and planning your careers but we are also into dirt jumping, and we know you won’t. So cutting the crap right now, dig in for a fresh piece of Viking influenced tech cat – Alex Alanko as he sat down with Matt to make your Thursday a small Friday!

Hello there! To start off the right foot, please introduce yourself to our readers. How old are you, were did you grow up and where are you from?

Hello! My name is Alex Alanko and I am a 21 year old mountainbike rider from Sweden. I grew up in a Island called Djurö in the archipelago just outside of Stockholm.

When did you start riding and who introduced you to the dirt jumping?

I started to ride around 2008. It was my friends who introduced me to riding by showing me web videos and by doing some cool street moves, ones I tried it I was hooked.

alex alanko, dirt jumping, mtb, interview, sweden, slopestyle, who the hell is, alex alanko
Alex flip tucking in Martin Soderstom invitational

Do you have any riding spots close to where you live?

In the summer there is plenty of things to ride around where I live. I usually ride at my local spot called Fyrhuset Bikepark which has some good trick jumps. But in the winter time I have to drive at least one hour to ride in a indoor park.

Why Swedish people are so good at technical tricks?

I guess we could blame Martin Söderström a bit for that because his technical riding style that has influenced a lot of riders here. Then it’s also because of the park season in the winter I think, there you get technical.

Were your ancestors Vikings?


How is 2017 going for you so far?

So far so good! Just got back home from a trip to Estonia where I rode at Spot of Tallinn which was one of the best places I have been to for riding. Otherwise it has been a lot of park riding which is fun!!

Are you a full time rider or do you attend school/work?

Right now I work with some different things like in doing different kinds of events/commercials, bike instructor at camps and in a bikeshop. I Like to be able to work when I need to and when I want so I can get more time on the bike. That’s why I do it this way.

Do you listen to music while riding? What’s your top 10 songs right now?

Yes I do! I give you top 3 😀

  1. Future Self- Boehm
  2. Paradise(feat. Wiz Khalifa)-Berner
  3. Etherial Soul-Claire Wright

What’s the funniest trip/bike related story from the past year?

It’s hard to pick one because on every trip is fun in different ways! But the trips to China has been a lot fun in a different ways. The culture there is different from what I am are used to at home so it’s fun to try out a different style of living when you are there.

Are your close ones cool with your way of living?

Right now they are cool with it, but it was challenging at first to tell all the relatives about that I am going to ride my bike and get some experience of life instead of study directly after the gymnasium.

What is the next contest for you?

Air to the Throne in London!

How the European off-season went for you?

Pretty good, riding a lot of park as usual.

alex alanko, dirt jumping, mtb, interview, sweden, slopestyle, who the hell is, alex alanko
Fise Experience whipping

What is your current bikes set ups (or bike if you just own one)?

Canyon Stitched 360 with pike fork for dirt, park and slopestyle.

Trek Session 88 for downhill (which I should ride more than I do…)

Dartmoor Cody from 2011 for tramp biking, hahaha.

What’s a daily routine for you during Winter? Do you practice any snow related activities?

My daily routines varies a bit depending on what kind of work I am doing. But I try to ride so often as possible and get some workouts in daily. For snow activities I like to ski, but it happens way to rarely.

Any trip plans for the next few months?

London for Air to the Throne, then I think I will go to Barcelona for a while to ride La poma!

I am also thinking about going back to Spot of Tallinn since it was so good.

Worst/best contest for you in 2016?

The contests that went bad for me last year was the ones in the beginning of the season like Whitestyle, Rocket air and Fise montpellier,  because I was working so much before them and had not any time to prepare on my bike.  The best one was for sure Fise Chengdu in the end of the season which I managed to get into my first final in a Fmb Gold event and ended up 7th.

Best riding spot you have already visited?

Spot of Tallinn for learning bangers and park riding.

La poma for riding jumps.

Who do you ride for this season?

Dirtlife family which supports me with gloves and clothing!

And long term plans coming for you?

My long term plans is to progress as a person on and of the bike!

If you call out anybody, now its a good time!

I would like to thank everyone who has been supporting me in any way, it means a lot to me! I also want to shout out you guys on Plussizebmx for pushing bikes in the right direction!

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