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Product: DaHANGER Dan from Jurgen Beneke

Introducing the DaHÄNGER Dan bike storage device from Jurgen Beneke. DaHÄNGER Dan

Introducing the DaHÄNGER Dan bike storage device from Jurgen Beneke.

Former professional cyclist Jürgen Beneke has launched his second Kickstarter campaign to fund production of his innovative new bike rack, the DaHÄNGER Dan pedal hook, part Ginger bread man and part extremely functional bike hook, Dan offers a practical, fun and stylish bike storage solution for anyone, especially cyclists with limited storage space.

During his first Kickstarter campaign “DaHÄNGER” he received a lot of feedback, comments and questions. Here is what he kept hearing over and over: “I want to be able to store multiple bikes on a small section of wall without breaking the bank and not use ugly hooks.” So he accepted the challenge to develop a storage solution for multiple bikes.

dahanger1 DaHÄNGER Dan
DaHanger Dan is a perfect way to stack bikes in storage.

After doing some semi scientific tests and measuring differences between horizontal and vertical storage he concluded that the pedal hook with extra long legs is the best solution for space saving multi bike storage.

But since life can be hard and everything is not always rainbows and butterflies, he wanted to make sure that this new product not only serves a purpose, but puts a smile on all of his customers. This is why he created this lovable bloke named Dan.

Dan will produced in the USA and Germany which will cut down on lead time and shipping expenses. He is constructed out of laser cut cold rolled and powder coated steel.

dahanger4 DaHÄNGER Dan
The DaHANGER Dan turns any bike into art.

Dan is currently available through Kickstarter for $49 and the MSRP for production versions is projected to be $ 59.

The DaHÄNGER Dan Kickstarter campaign launched March 7th and within 6 days is close to Beneke’s initial goal of $15,000. The funds raised will help bring the Dan to market.

The former World Champion downhill racer, and now custom furniture builder, designed the Dan out of necessity.

Find out more on the DaHanger Dan Kickstarter and get one for yourself

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