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What the hell is: #WORTHIT


#WORTHIT is an extreme MTB (read dirt jumping) documentary series. Leo Gamboc (me) is eating the dust in the photo. #worthit

Hi guys, we don’t have a proper interview for you this Thursday, sorry for that. Instead, I’ll explain to you what is #WORTHIT. How it all started and when and how will the production take place. Due date to leave home is in less than 3 weeks and Jonas (filmer) and I are really excited.

If you are a passionate fan of PSBMX than you already should know a thing or two about #WORTHIT. I did an Indiegogo crowdfunding in February and it finished on the 15th of March 2017. My goal was to raise 21000 USD to be able to produce this documentary. The goal of the documentary is to popularize our sport, show it to a wider audience in a form that doesn’t scare the shit out of them and help the riders promote them self. How do I think to do that? I would like to explain to you why I started #WORTHIT in a first place and how and how can you get involved.

Throughout 2016, I did a lot of interviews with a big variety of riders, from local and global shredders to the 50to01 crew (Steve Peat, Josh Briceland, Josh Lewis & Same Dale) and the Drop & Roll gang. Thanks to PSBMX for this opportunity.

The unforgetable momet that got us: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW, WTF and then the tanden superman happend! Vanzacs and Ed Masters ladies and gentleman. #worthit

The unforgettable moment that got us: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW, WTF and then the tandem superman happened! Vanzacs and Ed Masters ladies and gentleman.

In between this interviews I also got a chance to talk (actually chat through Facebook) with the #Vanzacs. Do you remember this post?

So, that was somewhere in November 2016. The night that I published the interview on PSBMX I couldn’t sleep. I was wandering in bed and I remember thinking: damn, these guys, how the fuck can they get from NZ and Australia and do a 3-month tour of Europe and ride their bikes every day. In Croatia, where I come from, this sounds like a dream. Then I started dreaming about how cool would it be to spend time with different riders in Europe, get around in a van, do the #vanlife, stop, ride, dig, film and of course promote everything on PSBMX. Imagine the best part, I would come to some secret trails, ride them with the locals,  then pick up a few fellow riders and get to a new spot and do it all over again, it sounds like a dream to me!


Well, it sure was something more than just an idea for me.

The idea became an obsession. In the next 3 weeks, I developed a plan from the basic idea. How much money do I need, when will I start, where will I go etc? Luckily, I found Jonas Drechsler right from the start. He is a filmer. I met Jonas in august 2016 at Eurobike. We exchange contacts, later I posted his video from Eurobike. At Eurobike I had no idea about this project, so how did Jonas join the “crazy train”? In the first days of my obsession, I put a crazy post in a facebook group called Dirt Jumpers and asked the people in the group if somebody would like to go with me around Europe, film the riders we meet and produce films/episodes. I didn’t have a van or any money at that point, it was just a dream.

Well, Jonas picked up that offer right away. Today, 5 months later, he is designing the interior of our van and I’m gathering the budget to live the dream. Almost at the same time as I started this madness I met my girlfriend Ena, on Tinder, go figure. Tinder in Croatia doesn’t really work like in America. In our case, Tinder connected us, but for us, this wasn’t just the typical hit and run deal you usually get on Tinder, but we stayed together. I’m mentioning all this, not to brag about how I have a girlfriend, but to thank Ena for her support with the whole project from the start. She really helped me edit the campaign and write a lot of emails.  I most definitely paid her for all her time and help, but not with cash or credit ;).

In between December 2016 and now I did the IndieGoGo crowdfunding. First, it was called “The dirt jumping Europe Tour”, then I changed it to #WORTHIT in the middle of the campaign. Damn it, I didn’t  know what I was doing, but I knew I can do it. I definitely upset some people, like Chris and Mat (owners of PSBMX) but they were the closest to the fire, sorry guys, it will be all be #worthit soon.

In the same period, I continue pushing my idea, contacting riders for help, for support and to get any info that could help me get closer to my dream. Every day I worked 8 hours as a land surveyor and then 5 to 8 hours on the project. I was writing emails, calling people, telling them about my idea. It was stressful at a time but again #worthit. Then on the 21st of march, I quit my job as a land surveyor and focused only on #WORTHIT. I’m so glad I did that, now I’m still writing emails and calling people but in the other 8 hours I’m on my bike. Hell yeah!!!


#WORTHIT is a documentary series of 20 episodes to promote dirt jumping. From the beginning of May (really soon) we’ll start traveling, we’ll visit locals spots and local riders around Europe and film their riding at their local spot, where they can pull their best tricks. At the same time, we’ll ask them a set of questions to answers the question why is it all #worthit for each one of them. I’m really looking forward to seeing if we all do it for the same reason, or why they started riding in a first place. Definitely, there will be a lot of people that watched the NWD series and got hooked right away, like me :).


4 days of filming. 2 days of editing and publishing the episode on PSBMX.com. On the 7th day – “the rest day” we’ll offer the episode to the TV station in the country we’ll be at the moment. The goal is to spread the word of dirt jumping, but also to help the riders get exposure in their own country.

Every episode will be published with an article written by me and will tell the behind-the-scenes story of the documentary.

In Croatia we also have a media partner, it’s Journal.hr. The site is lifestyle and girl fashion oriented (but they are opening a Man lifestyle column) so this content is going to be a shock for them…hahaha, so if you are going to leave a comment there make sure to stay weird 🙂

Every day we will post an update on PlusSizeBMX Facebook or Instagram with the most interesting moments that happened that day. All the extra content that we will produce will be a bonus for you guys and we will publish it on my Facebook or Instagram page. Also, Jonas is talking about doing a Vlog for his youtube channel. So, we will put a lot of work into this and you can stay up to date if you follow all these channels above and let us know what do you want to see in the upcoming videos.


We will start from Croatia, from Umag (my home town) and the first episode will be about the North Italian dirt jumping scene. 3 spots are already on the map: Diego’s SAD park, Monza Pizza bike park and a secret trail of Luca Pettina’. This should be enough for the first episode. Then we are heading to Austria (Peter Kaiser and the boys will expect us) and then Hungary. After that join us on Pannonian Challenge 18, it’s the biggest extreme sports event in Croatia (Prodigy is going to rock on the after party, so yeah be there) and it’s happening in Osijek from 7th to 11th of June. After the event, we are back on the road and visiting more trails and riders in Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland and so on. Hopefully, in 5 months, we can visit most of Europe.


dirtjumping.tour@gmail.com is our email. If you are a talented rider, a trail boss or somebody excited about dirt jumping as we are, then send us an email with some photos and we will try to meet you in the next 5 months.

You may be able to win a bike or spend some time with us on the road during the production of WORTH IT, but for now, I can’t tell you more. Stickers, T-shirts, and more will be available to purchase during and after the production. Every penny will go into the production of the series, to get a better filming equipment or to visit more spots. So stay tune and focus on what can go right, that’s what I do 🙂

I don’t have any cool photos at the moment, because, as I said, the last 5 months I spent in front of my laptop. Here are the first photos of our van and some of my riding from the last months. Cheers.

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