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Pass that Dollo 5: Tuesday with Piotrek Krajewski

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Welcome to new episode of “Pass that Dollo” series with Piotrek Krajewski!

Piotrek Krajewski is back again for his fifth all-out post where he sums up his Polish daily duties, trip to Barcelona, judging contests and working his ass of at Bikepark Kazoora! Dig in for a freshly baked up stories and thoughts from PSBMX’s own – Piotrek Krajewski “Kraja”!

Hello fellas, welcome again to my monthly article here at PSBMX.com! Hope you did enjoy April, it’s weather and the special holiday at 4/20! As always I will start with last month’s highlights from the world of bikes and the news from myself!

The last weekend of April was quite intense with the mountain bike events. First thing worth mentioning is something that rigid 26 inch bikers cannot bear – the beginning era of 29ers competing at World Cup Races thanks the strong performance from the Santa Cruz Syndicate team in Lourdes. It is predicted that more 29ers will show up at Fort William the next stop of WC so this racing season should provide us a lot of entertainment. In my freeride bike – Dartmoor Bikes Roots I have 27,5 inch wheels so I’m cool with where it goes as long as the Dirt Jumpers will remain with 26 inches. Coming to DJ – two events were held the same weekend as WC Races.

piotrek krajewski, mtb, dirt jumping, freeride, la poma, barcelona, pass that dollo, dirt
Train with Marcin Rot at PTAK Expo fitness show

Swatch Rocket Air organized in Switzerland, just like every year before, provided very good track decorated in the 80’s style night which rocks for me! Looking at it as a judge I have to say it is really good for judging because despite there are 8 obstacles they are divided into two parts – first line of three and then five obstacles, so it is much easier to evaluate the tricks. Nicholi Rogatkin won the event, but something you need to appreciate is – he has already won with his first run(88 points) but I believe he wanted to underline his dominance and did even better second run that gave him 94 points. Italian mafia of Tarquato Testa and Diego Caverzasi secured the rest of the podium. Shout out to Diego for pulling frontflip double barspin!

Bike Town Przemyśl was also organized last weekend with Downhill, Bike Town and FMBA Competition. I was judging this event for the last two years but this time I had to stay in Warsaw to take care of Bikepark Kazoora and its preparation for the official start of the season. Anyway, guys were killing it and good friend of PSBMX – Loek Quaedfileg managed to win the event. Polish shredders – Paweł Stachak and Marek Łebek were super close behind him and returned home with second and third place.

piotrek krajewski, mtb, dirt jumping, freeride, la poma, barcelona, pass that dollo, dirt
Style at the trail line at La Poma


Coming to my adventures, I had an opportunity to spend the Easter holidays in Barcelona with my girl, my bike and not worry at all about the weather. Well, you know how it is, when “everything” goes as planned – while building my bike after the travel I have noticed that there was a hole in my brake hose. Being relaxed as always I have decided that I will try to ride brakeless at La Poma.

I have to say that I am quite comfortable with the jumps at Bikepark La Poma. I have been there almost a month ago and have ridden all the obstacles many times (except the foam pit of course) so riding brakeless wasn’t that scary for me. The first day out of three we have spent there was super chill with dope foto session with @szachimat and clearing brakelessly probably the longest possible line at La Poma with the MBA and Trail line!

piotrek krajewski, mtb, dirt jumping, freeride, la poma, barcelona, pass that dollo, dirt
Little show off for the homies

During the second visit at La Poma and of course the first time ever for my girlfriend unwillingly I have tried the biggest transfer at the bikepark – from the big line to trails line. I was super lucky that I ended this one without a single scratch and a smile on my face. I need to say that this experience gave me good lesson that riding brakeless helps you to build bigger confidence and trust for your skills while riding but on the other hand how much a brake can save you from crashing. I would like to sum it up with this: Dirt Jumping is a really dangerous sport so why make it even riskier with riding without a brake.

At my homespot – Bikepark Kazoora we are prepared for the season as never before. Thanks to the great amount of work from Dirt it More crew and all the others volunteers we will have one of the best bikeparks in Poland. 13.05 we are officially opening the bikepark so if you will be nearby Warsaw, Poland you should definitely give this place a visit.

piotrek krajewski, mtb, dirt jumping, freeride, la poma, barcelona, pass that dollo, dirt
Dirt it More crew's trail heads

See you next month when I will bring you the news from May and my other adventures – stay safe out there! – Piotrek Krajewski

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