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Stop the bullshit: yes, you have time to ride!

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Fives for the diggers! Good work – ride balance is everything

This one comes from the very bottom of my cloudy head. I hate the trash talk about how hard is it to find time to ride nowadays from my riding friends. And by “ride” I mean any kind of activity related to spending time on a bike – from cruising, through actually riding, to building stuff you can shred. I know when you get older aka. entering adult status when your parents kick you out of the house, you pay your own bills and buy yourself a pair of undies as you actually need them, you start to need more hours per day. But do you really?

With all the love to hard working people, I realized few years ago a lot of my riding buddies have disappeared due to work/life related activities like career in the office or curing hangovers for a whole day. There is this breed of people who looks just for cheap thrills and don’t give a damn about fun activities that involve sweating of giving something from yourself to the community. I bet you know someone who only appears when the jumps are packed and don’t see a problem as he or she had never touch a shovel. When you are kiddos, you don’t give a crap about it, but when you wake up early, just to finish your daily grind faster to get the last bits of sunlight just for a couple of runs, you start to feel angry.

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Stay true to the ethic of being a friend that helps the community, not only gets from it!

Anger is good as it means you still feel emotions. But how can you release this kind of emotions when he or she is your “buddy” and it’s hard to ruin friendship over packing piles of dirt or getting any kind of a spot ready to use. But you should. Don’t aim to hurt them, simply inform them they are pretty much f*cking you over with this kind of “I deserve everything” attitude. They don’t. Pro riders or weekend warriors need to respect each other. Respect is as hard to get as free time when you are considering yourself an adult. You work for it, you use it wisely and you share it only with important people. Don’t loose it for slackers.

Don’t get easy on people who thinks their time is more important than yours. Especially when you know their back story and what they share their time for. It’s their business 100% and you shouldn’t ask them to use it anyhow, but if they want to use your work, they should contribute with theirs. As simple as it is, some people just don’t get it spots don’t build themselves and someone is actually exchanging their time for riding to get work done.

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Don't watch. Help and share fun!

I understand when you finish your weekly routine, you just want to grab a bike and forget about whole world, not bruise your hands or get sweaty. Communicate that to your homies! If you consider them friends, they will understand hard day at work, life crisis or simply a bad day/week. Nobody is perfect but if you keep your problems silent, nobody will understand why you act like a b*tch. Friends are not only for good times if they are real ones! IF you ride in a crew (we hope so) you should communicate your needs. No one is better than you and you shouldn’t treat anyone like he or she is worse. Life is too short to be like that.

If you still find it hard to get some time to ride of your schedule, try this. Sit down and write down your tasks and how much time you spend on them. But enlist only the things that are “a must” not Playstation or social media sessions. Cross out every time eating bullshit and you will finally know when there is time for riding bikes! Just get your priorities straight homie! – Matt

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