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Off topic: WTF is This Tall Bike trend?

Well, we have been known for sharing love for each bike culture and not blaming or flaming but we truly don’t understand tall bike trend. Like, they have been here for decades, mostly for circus, ad – use but we never expected they could turn into a “lifestyle” of somebody. Zenga Bros and Red Bull came up with a series showcasing this craze and it makes us cringe a bit as all the thoughts behind it seems a bit to hipster to us. Well, you will be the judge.

“This episode culminates the series by highlighting the truly revolutionary aspect of the tall bike – it isn’t part of the economy. You can’t buy a tall bike, so the tall bike’s existence has to be about working with your hands, repurposing stuff and then taking it out on the streets and sharing it with people.

The tall bike encourages you to be a creator not a spectator, make the most of what you have, and express joy and love fearlessly. It can shift the rider’s perspective so that they can approach even the most familiar places from an elevated state of awareness – but let’s not get too serious, these are tall bikes.” – words by Red Bull

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