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worth it

WORTH IT – an extreme MTB documentary series brought to you by Leo Gamboc and Jonas Drechsler.

After the 3rd episode, I finally got some great constructive criticism from my friends about the #worthit project. I think that healthy criticism is a benchmark for improvement.

worth it

Life behind bars.

If we only get feedback like: “this is great”, “keep it up”, “yo”… Then it’s hard to figure out what method we should try to improve #worthit. So I’ll start with saying thanks to everybody that left a constructive comment about the article or the episode or wrote me a message about the project through email or Facebook. I invite everybody that watches this series or reads the article to do the same.

worth it

Konrad and Tamas enjoying their Cedevita.

I kinda feel that this project is taking a lot of my energy. The energy that, at the moment, I don’t have. Maybe I’m still a little bit shook from the crash that occurred last Sunday, maybe I’m just finding excuses, or maybe it’s the warm humid summer weather that’s sucking the life out of me.

worth it

Pannonian start on the 7th of June. Better relax a min before the madness starts.

How to highlight the best of a dirt jumping individual/group I just met? How to figure out in one day or less, what makes them so special? How to tell their story? How to make them tell me their hopes and dreams? These are the questions I ask myself every day on this journey.

worth it

The dream view for many of us. A house and a dirt jump park in front of it – Tailorland.

Basically, our job is to go with the flow. To document and analyze “the flow” that we filmed during the last few days, and put it into the right video sequence and words. The hardest part is to revive the emotions we felt while filming that crash, that sick banger trick, or that peaceful moment by the BBQ.

worth it

Victor Fellnhofer going for his first big backflip after one year.

As #worthit is still a fresh project, a baby, a lot of people don’t want to #sendit in front of the camera, or from what I’ve learned in the last few weeks, people are scared to talk in front of the camera. For the first time, they hear themselves talking and that scares the shit out of them. They start analyzing their mistakes in English, wondering how they sound, or even maybe look… Guys and girls, I just have one thing to tell you. For this documentary, relax, speak from the heart, and the words will come naturally.

worth it

House by the trails OR mobile house to visit more trails. What is your choice?

We don’t really live the #vanlife we thought we will and it’s because of two reasons. The first reason is the people we meet. We are all here for the same sport, and this sport on 2 wheels connect us. We talk in a language only we understand and that unites us. Riders and their friends invite us into their home, and some offer us a shower, some offer us a meal, but many also offer us a place to stay, and a crew to hang out with. 🙂

worth it

Windy sessions at Hijackers bike park. We always checked the #Umag flag to see the direction of the wind.

They know that they help us a lot. If we were just going around riding all day, we would be so tired every day, and a good night sleep after a day like that is all we need. The mattress in our lovely van is not the best. I wake up in the morning every day at 7 because my hips or back starts hurting. (fuck it, I’m 27, maybe it’s not the van)

worth it

Standing on the roll in and thinking of your next move. #coloursofsport #coloursofistria

The people that offer us a place to stay believe in us and our project as much as we do. They are stoked we are doing this and we can only say a big thank you. It means a lot to us, way more than you realize. I’m not sorry for not living the authentic #vanlife because we are not just traveling for traveling. We are riding bikes, jumping, filming and editing. Our adaptation to #vanlife was necessary to be able to realize this project with a small amount of money. I don’t know what you think why this project is possible. I’m not a rich kid. My paycheck in Croatia, after I finished college (masters degree in land surveying), was under 700 euros monthly. Jonas told me that his friends in Germany earn more per month, and they are 16 or 17 years old. Jonas and I are finally living the good life, but thanks to anyone that helps us with this basic stuff, that trusted us with their house key or cooked a meal for us.

For these people, we will continue to promote dirt jumping in Europe, bring new and awesome episodes weekly for the next 4 months. THANK YOU.

Enjoy the 4th episode of WORTH IT featuring riders from Tailorland (Gyor) and Hijackers bike park (close to Budapest):

I’m writing this from my friend Sova’s terrace in Osijek and it’s pretty chilled, but I miss moments like the one in the photo below.

worth it

Chill sunset with my girlfriend on the roof of Valamar’s hotel Pinia in Poreč.

Thanks to all the people that supported us from the start.

Maita Golzem, Malik Haase, Simone Unger, Martina i Bojan, Mislav Mironović, Massimiliano Burattini, Petra Mrvić, Juraj Bačić, Jani Fučka, Nikola Radović, James Ross Spencer, Kamil Kulik, Karlo Fic, Luka, BK TNT Pazin, Nikola Marin, Nina Stopar, Daniel Herrmann, Jurica Barač, Alessandro Cantelli, Nik Rijavec, Ivan Boban, Peter Kaiser, Paulo Valenta, Marko Božić, Ivan Grgur, Boris Božić, Alen Radetić, Sergio di Ukraino, Athina Trakas, Claudia Drechsler, Maja Dujlović, Mislav Boban, Dinko Šindija, Marjana Široka, Stopar Marjan, Primož Tanko, Sanja, Hrvoje Jergović, Andrea Kert, Tomislav Perko, Teo Žikic, Erik Matkovich, Dorian Šestan, Ivan Popov, Marek Konkoly, Marko Mišković, Andrej Dekleva, Ivan Gavran, Live the Dream Tour, Fran Marko Vlahinic, Daniele Ferri, Vedrana Koceić, Ena Mehulić, Vlado Gamboc, Iris Dragolin, Norma Gamboc.

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