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worth it

WORTH IT – an extreme MTB documentary presented by Leo Gamboc and Jonas Drechsler.

We’ve served something very different for you this time. This video is far from a documentary. It’s an exception to the rule. Presenting: Pannonian Challenge…. 😉

worth it

Jonas – the PIMP of Pannonian Challenge 18. #worthit

I “grew up” riding with Pannonian Challenge. I visited the contest for the first time back in 2009 (CLIP of my run, it has way too many views) for its 8th edition, and I kept coming back 4 years in a row.

After a two-year break, I came back in 2016 as press (PR) for PSBMX, and I remember thinking that these were the best 4 days of last year.

worth it

A little party never killed nobody!

We, riders, love to go back to contests where we made new friends, had some really great experiences and improved our riding skills. It’s the perfect combination for us, and even if for me this combination changed (didn’t compete this year), there are other reasons why Pannonian Challenge is fu*king awesome.

#Pannonian brought Daniel Dhers to Croatia. 4 years ago Daniel taught me how to 360 a spine and when we went to Mc Donald’s he licked the hell out of his McSunday – it was disgusting, but it was great at the same time.

worth it

Looking fresh with a new pair of #Oakley shades #cantstop

I remember one year I convinced my best friend Marko Božić to come with me to #pannonian and he has nothing to do with riding. The best moment we shared that time was at 6 a.m. in the morning after one of the #pannonian parties. We meet some girls on the street on their way home, we (definitely not sober) offered them a car ride back home. Marko drove the car, I was in the passenger seat and at a traffic light, he pushed me out of the car. I felt on the road, I scratched my fresh elbow wound and he didn’t give a fuck, he just drove another 500 m and then stopped. Marko knew I was OK with it and it all was just a joke for us. But the girls were scared as shit, think about it, they just met us 10 min ago on the street. I was walking back to them, my right hand was covered in blood and Marko…Marko sent one girl to meet me on half way and help me. At the same time, he called me and told me that she was crazy about me and that I should have kissed her the moment we met. Well, it turns out she wasn’t crazy about me (surprise), instead she was worried about me, so we didn’t exchange any saliva, but we had a really good laugh. We drove them home and never saw them again…hahaha. Classic Pannonian stories.

worth it

Chill and BBQ time. Tnx Poky!

Because of memories like this one I wanted to bring back, at least in my mind, the great stupid moments of PC. We got this sick opportunity to do the #worthit project how we see it, and in the video you are about to watch is how Jonas and I saw this Years’ edition of Pannonian Challenge. It’s the 18th year of the event and everybody is allowed to drink alcohol and swear, right?

A Little extra for the REAL fans of #WORTHIT

The song you hear in the background of the 5th #worthit video is called GABER. Krankšvester is the rap group that produced it. They published this song just 2 months ago and it’s a HUGE hit in Osijek and Croatia. Watch here their original video, and follow their work on Facebook.

For the last shot in the video – the drone shot, we want to thank SUKI FPV – a local drone freestyle racer that is also running a YT channel – click HERE to see his work.

The BMX rider doing the tuck no hands in the same shot is Alex Wheatley BMX.

worth it

The winner of the BMX comp at PC 18: 1st Martin Logan, 2nd Marin Ranteš and 3rd Erik Figar.

I want to apologize and thank all the people that I bothered to rave during the day and which helped us make this epic video.

In Osijek, I always felt at home, and I think that every extreme athlete and extreme sports enthusiast feels the same thanks to the great people of the Pannonian organization.

worth it

You have to visit Osijek!

This episode and all the WORTH IT documentary series, wouldn’t be possible without our sponsors:

Cedevita (vitamin drink liked by all the riders we meet)
Grad Umag (My home town)
Pannonian Challenge
Colors of Istria – touristic management and services of North West Istria
Valamar Bike Hotels – Poreč and Rabac

Thanks to all the people that supported us from the start.

Maita Golzem, Malik Haase, Simone Unger, Martina i Bojan, Mislav Mironović, Massimiliano Burattini, Petra Mrvić, Juraj Bačić, Jani Fučka, Nikola Radović, James Ross Spencer, Kamil Kulik, Karlo Fic, Luka, BK TNT Pazin, Nikola Marin, Nina Stopar, Daniel Herrmann, Jurica Barač, Alessandro Cantelli, Nik Rijavec, Ivan Boban, Peter Kaiser, Paulo Valenta, Marko Božić, Ivan Grgur, Boris Božić, Alen Radetić, Sergio di Ukraino, Athina Trakas, Claudia Drechsler, Maja Dujlović, Mislav Boban, Dinko Šindija, Marjana Široka, Stopar Marjan, Primož Tanko, Sanja, Hrvoje Jergović, Andrea Kert, Tomislav Perko, Teo Žikic, Erik Matkovich, Dorian Šestan, Ivan Popov, Marek Konkoly, Marko Mišković, Andrej Dekleva, Ivan Gavran, Live the Dream Tour, Fran Marko Vlahinic, Daniele Ferri, Vedrana Koceić, Ena Mehulić, Vlado Gamboc, Iris Dragolin, Norma Gamboc.

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