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Product Review: Mongoose Fireball SS Dirt Jumper

Here is our first look of the 2017 Mongoose Fireball SS. mongoose fireball ss

Here is our full review of the 2017 Mongoose Fireball SS dirt jumper.

It’s really surprising how few decent complete dirt jumpers are out there on the market these days. Now that “Enduro” has taken over most brands have completely left the dirt jump scene or have greatly reduced what they are offering for completes. I know that most of us build up custom builds from the frame up but that is not the best option for someone new to the sport who is not sure what to build, a rider who doesn’t have a few grand to spend or a completely new rider just getting into the sport. Thankfully for those riders we have the mongoose fireball ssMongoose Fireball SS. This model is the best dirt jump complete they offer and is a great deal for any beginner to intermediate rider. For a complete run down on the components and more check out this article. Read on for our review…

mongoose fireball ss dirt jumper  mongoose fireball ss
The frame on the Mongoose Fireball SS is dialed!

The frame is the back bone of any bike. And the frame on the Fireball is dialed! The aluminum frame features a tapered headtube, horizontal dropouts, integrated chain tensioner with a derailleur hanger and really good geometry for all kinds of riding. All of our official test riders really liked the geometry on dirt and in the park. It felt comfortable and controlled no matter what we threw at it. Our un-official test riders liked it too. Check out the video below for more about that. Keep in mind that the whole Mongoose MTB team rides this exact frame including Greg Watts, DJ Brandt, Brayden Barrett-Hay, Tom Isted and Paul Genovese. Which speaks a lot about the quality  of the “back bone” on the Fireball SS. Making it a great affordable option that is ready for upgrades down the road.

mongoose fireball ss dirt jumper  mongoose fireball ss
The Mongoose Fireball SS comes with the Manitou Circus Comp.

In the past complete dirt jumpers came with forks no one would ever run if given the choice. Not the case on the Mongoose Fireballmongoose fireball ss SS. Suspension duties are handled buy a Manitou Circus Comp with 100mm of travel and a 20mm thru axle. We were super happy with feel and performance of this shock while riding the Fireball. Most dirt jumpers run their fork so stiff it is almost locked out. That way you still get a good pump but you also get the benefits of some squish on the big hits. Every lower end fork I have ever tried makes this type of setting impossible. Not so on the Manitou Circus Comp! We were super happy that although this fork is not an air fork it had a full range of adjust-ability that allowed each rider to twist the knobs a couple times and get it dialed in super easy from soft to almost locked out. A solid functional fork makes the Fireball an even better bargain for a complete dirt jumper.

mongoose fireball ss dirt jumper review mongoose fireball ss
The Mongoose Fireball SS comes with a KORE Rivera cockpit.

The component all held up pretty well for the most part during testing. The only issue we really noted was that the rear KORE hub had a kind of slack engagement compared to most modern hubs. Engagement is the term used to describe how quickly the rear hub starts moving the wheel forward as you push down on the pedals. Not a major issue and I think the only reason we even noticed is that all of us run either Profile Elite or Atomlab 102 hubs that have almost immediate engagement. Most riders would never notice. Otherwise the components on the Fireball SS held up perfectly well during testing. The built in tensioner was easy to adjust and kept the chain nice and tight. The rims held up perfectly well after a few cases on park coping. Which is always nice! After a solid build to make sure everything was adjusted, tight and threads were greased it stay dialed.

mongoose fireball ss dirt jumper  mongoose fireball ss
Joel Alamo getting flat on the Mongoose Fireball SS.

We rode the Mongoose Fireballmongoose fireball ss a ton over the last 60 days as spring came back to the Colorado Rockies. The Fireball got rode hard on pump tracks, parks and dirt jumps all over the state. Everyone that touched it was stoked and had fun with it. Each person who rode it was blown away that it was a $899 usd complete. No one believed that based on how well it rode it would cost under a grand. Is it built with all top of the line components? No. Is it built for you to go win Crankworx on? No. But bikes that are built for that will set you back $2500 or more. What the Mongoose Fireball SS is…is a super solid complete first jumper for a beginning to intermediate dirt jump rider, a trail rider looking for something to play on at the pump track or any rider looking for a great bargain on a complete that they can easily upgrade down the line. And it’s only $899 usd!!! Definitely a banger deal for riders getting into it. Mongoose sells direct to you so you can pick up a Fireball SS for yourself on their site Right Here 

We did it a little differently for our review video this time. We took the Fireball out to our local park in Winter Park and to Ruby Hill Bike Park to give a few riders a chance to try it out and let us know what they thought themselves. Check the video to see what they had to say…

Mongoose Bikes Fireball SS Dirt Jumper Product Review

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