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Who The Hell is: Tom Isted

Learn a bit about Mongoose Bicycle Pro BMX and MTB rider Tom Isted. tom isted

Learn a bit about Mongoose Bicycles Pro BMX and MTB rider Tom Isted. Pic from DMR Dirt Wars

It’s Tom Isted day here on PlusSizeBMX apparently..haha. So stoked we finally linked up with the Mongoose Pro BMX and MTB rider to do this Interview and to post up the bike check of his Mongoose Fireball. I got a chance to hang out with Tom a bit last year at some events and was glad to get to know him a bit. At events like FISE Tom runs around crazy since he competes in both BMX park and Slopestyle. The schedule to compete in two sports at that level is crazy! But Tom was always chill and you can tell he is absolutely stoked any time he gets behind his bars. FInd out a bit more about Tom below and make sure to check out his Fireball too…

How did you get started riding?
Well I’ve been competing in BMX competition for the last 7 years but in the last few years I have been watching all the FMB events and thinking that looked like a lot of fun. SO I started competing in MTB slopestyle and dirt jump comps too
What keeps you motivated to ride?
Not having to have a normal job
Who was/is the most influential person on your riding?
Dave Mirra
What’s Your Favorite thing to ride?
Any thing with jumps over 30 foot

tom isted mongoose bicycles tom isted
Tom on his BMX at The Night Harvest in South Africa. Pic by Eric Palmer

You compete on both BMX and MTB. What differences do you in the two scenes?
That the MTB scene is so much more chilled. Bmx can be a bit intense some times
What made you decide to start competing on MTB?
I just want to ride big jumps and they don’t get much bigger then MTB jumps
What was your first bike?
First proper BMX was a Mongoose mischief
Whats your favorite trick?
Flip superman or barrel rolls

Tom dropped this one last year for FUSE Protection.

Where’s your favorite place to ride?
Woodys bike park in Cornwall, UK
Whats your favorite event?
Fise Montpellier
Whats been your best moment with your bike so far?
Every day I wake and can go ride my bike
How do you feel about the bike scene today?
Well I’m new to the mountain bike scene I guess but I think it’s all rad so hopefully it will stay like that
What do you when you are not riding?
Drive to go riding some place
Do you have a Day job or is riding your job?
I work part time in a bike shop

tom isted mongoose bicycles tom isted
Tom Isted bringing out the big tricks at FMB World Tour event FISE China. HAHA

What are your riding plans for the future?
Just going as big as I can
What’s the best advice you have ever received?
The more fun you have the better you’ll ride
Any last words, thoughts or shout outs?
Big shoot out to Leigh and Steve at Mongoose for keeping me rolling.
And all the lads at Clive Mitchell cycles for letting me have all the time off I need to go to competitions every other week.

Tom's latest edit for Mongoose Bicycles.

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