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Who the Hell is: Joey van den Berg

Joey van den Berg putting in a session at a dream spot. joey van den berg

Joey van den Berg putting in a session at a dream spot.

So stoked to have Joey van den Berg as the latest member of the PSBMX La Familia. If you follow our instagram (@plussizebmx) you will see clips from Joey on the regular. Joey is actually the second PSBMXer to come from The Netherlands. More on that down below. So read down through his interview below and find out just Who the Hell is Joey van den Berg…

Let’s kick it off with the easy questions…

How did you get started riding?
As a kid I used to ride around town on a BMX and one day I discovered some very small ramps in a parking lot. These ramps became a second home to me. A friend told me that there was in indoor skatepark (Skatepark The Promise) in my city. I went there to watch the big boys and the first thing I saw was someone do a 360 tailwhip. My heart was sold to the world of bikes. During Christmas in 2010 I got a ‘real’ BMX and things got serious for me. Went to the park every Saturday to ride and learn new things. I was discovering all BMX disciplines and somewhere in 2014 I got to know Vinnie Janssens. He was and still is a good MTB dirt rider and I looked up to him a lot. We got to know each other more and more and I was getting more interested in MTB. I decided to do both after buying an old used MTB for myself. After a year I stopped BMX completely and went all in on MTB which brought me to where I am now.
What was your first bike?
NS Bikes Suburban
What’s your favorite trick?
Crankflips and 5 cabs
Where’s your favorite place to ride?
My local skatepark The Promise
Whats your favorite event?
Do you have a Day job or is riding your job?
I’m a student, besides that I have a part time job at a supermarket to make money for riding and other things.

joey3 joey van den berg
Joey chilling and planning his next line.

Now let’s get a little more in depth on Who the Hell this Joey guy is…

What keeps you motivated to ride?
The feeling of being free. There is no better feeling than touching the grips after a long day. Besides that I’m always keeping my goals in mind and I’m working hard to achieve them. There’s also a love for making clips to share them with those who follow me. I love what I’m doing, it changed my view at life.
Who was/is the most influential person on your riding?
At the moment I started riding MTB it was Vinnie Janssens. I loved to go on dirt trips with him and have a good time. We still ride and hang out together but he’s on his way in the FMB world tour now and I’m busy with the things I’m doing.
But for now, it’s definitly Aidan Horn who I love to watch and learn from. I never seen a guy who is so chilled but so good. It’s safe to say that he is my favourite rider. I’m also super stoked when The Rise drops a new video, I can’t get enough of them!
You are mostly a park/ street rider what draws you to that type or riding?
There are no dirt/slope trails around here, which means I can’t do that enough. I have a sick indoor skatepark which I ride almost every day and a city with a few street spots. I do like to ride a bit of dirt sometimes but my preference is street and park.
What was it like competing at the FMB park contests at Pro Freestyle?
It was insane! For me it was just the best feeling ever to compete at the biggest MTB park contest in the world, even though my results were not that great. I had a blast and a lot of fun! One of the stops was in Heerlen, which is my hometown, never had so much support from the crowd during a contest and that was an amazing feeling!

joey4 joey van den berg
A little bit of jam whip action from Joey at his local.

What’s the scene like in the Netherlands?
Our MTB scene is pretty small, most of the guys ride dirt and live more up north. One of them ( Loek Quaedflieg ) is a very good dirt rider, but he already moved out to Barcelona. Then we got my friend Vinnie Janssens, also a great dirt rider but also always on a trip to other countries like Germany. When it comes to MTB street and park, we are very small, so far I know I can count the street riders on one hand including myself. When I’m riding at my local park I often ride together with the German boys, including my best friend Jannik Pertz, who is growing very big in BMX street!
Did you know that the first ever member of the PSBMX La Familia was from The Netherlands and is now a Male Model? Do you hope to follow on his footsteps?

(It’s actually true! It was Martin Knorr)
This must be a joke?! Never heard of it but a great story for sure, haha! I do love to grow big but not as a Male Model ;D.
What’s your favorite story from a road trip?
Hmm, I’ve went to Swamp Gravity in France last year and this was a blast for me! I loved every second of it, my friend Vinnie Janssens just got his drivers license but the trip to France was legit. We had a lot of good moments there with all the guys which I will never forget. From sleeping above a flower store ( Thanks to the man Morgan Dupontreué) to drinking beers with some big FMB world tour riders and doing bottle flip challenges with some local kids. I love all road trips and am looking forward to a lot more to come.

How do you feel about the bike scene today?
I think some people forget what it’s all about; having a good time. That’s why I love The Rise so much. These guys show hard work with a big passion for riding. I love to see myself like that one day.
What are your riding plans for the future?
I plan to keep on doing what I’m doing. I will never give up my passion and I would love to meet up with the guys from The Rise one day.
What’s the best advice you have ever received?
” It’s called freestyle for a reason”
Any last words, thoughts or shout outs?
I love what I’m doing and I’m super stoked that I got the chance to join the PlusSizeBMX family. I want to thank my parents for giving me that bike back in 2010. Vinnie Janssens for getting me into the MTB scene. My friends for supporting me and my sponsor and Crew for keeping my bike riding . Besides that I want to thank Aidan Horn for being such a nice dude and helping me out a lot. And as final shout out to The Rise, you guys are killing it, never stop!

joey1 joey van den berg
Stoked to have Joey van den Berg as the newest member of the PSBMX La Familia.

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