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NEWS: Mellowpark Needs Our Help to Build the Dream

Mellowpark wants to build this epic indoor skatepark in Germany and needs our help. mellowpark

Mellowpark wants to build this epic indoor skatepark in Germany and needs our help.

Crowdfunding for Europe’s first BMX-Superpark

Berlin, July 26, 2017 – For the first time in its history, Mellowpark in Berlin has started a crowdfunding campaign to finance a new project. By supporting this campaign, bike enthusiasts, fans and visitors of Europe’s biggest skate- and BMX-park can help with the creation of the largest and most spectacular ramp-paradise in Europe.

With up to 6-meter high ramps, endless lines and over 3000sqm of space, the planned BMX-Superpark in Berlin would blow the dimensions of what Europe’s BMX-scene is used to so far. Over the next 4 weeks, the crew behind Mellowpark is looking to collect the seed capital for their ‘Project M’ through crowdfunding.

“We have never asked our friends and visitors for help before, have always managed to finance everything ourselves. Now though, we need their help and support to re-build the center-piece of the park”, says Max Tuchtenhagen from Mellow Park.

mellowparkcrowd2 mellowpark
The other side of the new Mellowpark indoor skatepark setup.

In 2010 the Mellowpark was forced to move and the crew had to tear down a similar facility. Now on a property five-times as big, they have already constructed a variety of spots and a youth center. The only missing part is the popular BMX-Superpark. The plan is for the in-house ramp-builders to construct the park entirely out of wood and set new international standards – also in regards to the Olympic Games as BMX-Freestyle will debut as an Olympic discipline in Tokyo in 2020. With the new Superpark, pros and also amateurs would have a perfect training environment in Berlin.

Although the Superpark is meant for BMXers everyone who knows the Mellowpark knows that no-one will be excluded. The facility will be open for anyone on wheels, be it skater, rollerblader, scooter-riders or wheelchair-skaters, everyone is welcome. The Mellowpark crew has already proven that they can integrate different user groups and ability levels. Take Germanys only BMX Supercross-Track which also located on the compound, for example. The German National Team train on the 400m-long course next to young talent and beginners, many of them traveling form far away to ride the park in Berlin.

All-in-all the Mellowpark crew is looking to raise 240.000 Euro as seed capital for the construction, the rest of the cost is covered by the City of Berlin and Mellowpark itself. Every supporter of the campaign will receive a special Thank You. Depending on the amount of the donation, these range from limited edition t-shirts and caps to professional photo shoots, custom built ramps for your garden and exclusive advertising spaces for companies on the new park.

More information on Mellowpark and Project M can be found on mellowpark.de and startnext.com/projekt-m.

ProjektM-Mellowpark-Presse2 mellowpark
Is it a skatepark for ants?!?! A 3d model of the new Mellowpark,

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