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Who the Hell is: Marek “Maro” Łebek

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Learn who the Hell is Marek “Maro” Łebek – true Polish dirt jumping veteran and now Energylandia local!

In this week’s “Who the Hell” interview series we have Marek “Maro” Łebek from Poland who has recently landed the third 1080 in the world and second in Poland! This dude has been rambling at Polish scene for quite some time, not only on dirt but also on the dancefloors! Meet and greet Maro as you jump for a quick beverage to read the whole thing below:

To start off the right foot – please introduce yourself to our readers 🙂

Hi, Marek „Maro” Łebek here!

For how long have you been riding bikes, when did you turn pro and what’s the best about riding?

I started riding when I was 14 years old – I did my first jumps by that time with my neighborhood friends and I was hooked since then. I am feeling I never went into “professional” state of mind – I just love to do it and it’s my passion.

How did you discover dirt jumping?

I looked up my older friends from my home city

who the hell who the hell
Marek is well known for going big and stylish among riders in Europe! Back in a day he was going head to head with Szymon Godziek himself!

How many times a week do you actually ride?

Recently thanks to a contract with Energylandia I have a chance to ride every day and it will be like that until October.

It used to be easy to meet you at Polish and abroad competitions. How do you see competing now?

Due to a knee injury, I needed a break for some time so that’s why I didn’t appear to a lot of contests through the past few seasons, which made it even harder to come back on a bike. For now I hope to attend more events and show my new tricks but to be honest – events are all about great people that go there also, so podium places are not the most important for me.

who the hell who the hell
Simple float.

How does your family see your riding?

They generally think I am simply crazy, but they always keep my back and cheer me up!

What do you do apart from riding?

I party!

Is bike your passion, or actually a job?

A passion that keeps my pocket full recently. Ain’t bad huh?

You have disappeared from the scene and now you are back and already doing tricks on the world class level like 1080 or flip double whips. What happened and how do you motivate yourself to new tricks?

who the hell who the hell
Also one of a few that knows the invert/ shoulder buzzer game.

My break was happening not only due to the injury I spoke before but also because I have a son now! His appearance to this world didn’t cut my lust for adrenaline and air time. Coming back was a matter of time really, I just like it and trying new stuff gives me an infinite amount of pleasure.

We know you are a proud dad! Would you like your kid to follow your steps?

Haha, his first jumps from couch are already landed, Lesio – my son, gets crazy when he sees a bike and of course I would love to share my dirt jumping passion with him, but in the end of a day – he will be who he wants to be

What do you do at Energylandia?

Everyday with a decent crew of crazy bros we give 4 shows of our skills in front of nearly 20 000 people that attend the park! Apart from bike tricks, we have FMX, quads, motos and cars or even acrobats! I am stoked to be a part of it, as despite the fact I am loving it – I have a chance to ride every day and share our sport with people who probably never saw some proper bike riding!

who the hell who the hell
True tailwhip soldier - he knows how to do even triple of these and double unders!

What are your plans for the rest of 2017 and what do you want to do in 2018?

I have a few events I want to attend soon. In 2018 you will probably also have a chance to watch me at Energylandia, but I would like to ride more competitions, also abroad.

The holiday season is in full swing. Do you have any plans for it or mostly bike trips?

Stacked schedule doesn’t let me plan a holiday with family as most of my trips are connected with bike riding.

What are your top 10 songs for riding?

I am sorry but I am not listening to music while riding 😀

who the hell who the hell
Energylandia lets Maro to match job and passion on two wheels.

Polish bike scene is very dynamic but at the same time – there are few new faces. What makes it that way and how would you describe Polish scene?

I think kids nowadays prefer to catch Pokemon rather than shred their knees on bikes. I keep my fingers crossed for this sport in Poland, personally, I am happy to share my knowledge with less experienced riders and I hope we will see some new shredders out there!

What is your opinion on Polish events – would you give a hint to organizers to change anything?

I am not an event manager, I stick to riding so I am not the best person to give you answer for that 😉

Where would it be easiest to catch you nowadays?

If I am not at the competition, every day you can meet me at Energylandia’s extreme shows. In the upcoming weeks I am planning to visit Flybag in Swierklany, go to Czech Rep. for Prekonani gravitace and than Baltic Games and then, and than…. 😉

If you want to give a shout out to anybody – now it’s a good time!

Shout out to everybody, haha!

who the hell who the hell
See you next time Marek!

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