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Product: Lezyne Digital Shock Drive

The Lezyne Digital Shock Drive is the last MTB shock pump you will ever need. lezyne digital shock drive

The Lezyne Digital Shock Drive is the last MTB shock pump you will ever need.

Just like most tools you never give them much thought until you really need it. And no tool gets less thought on the regular than the poor little shock pump. “Does anyone have a shock Pump?” can be heard at most sessions at one time or the other. Of course rarely does anyone have one on them. Most shock pumps are a total pain in the butt to use with flimsy parts and a gauge that is so hard to read that you ignore it and go by “feel.” Well thanks to US based company Lezyne you can now have a shock pump of epic proportions.

pump3 lezyne digital shock drive
The Lezyne Digital Drive shock pump is small and durable.

Never heard of Lezyne? Well the company was founded by the same guy who created Truvativ components. After selling Truvativ to SRAM he set his design sights on the bicycle accessory world and created Lezyne. The company makes some of the cleanest designed pumps, multi tools, lights and more. I have been usuing a Lezyne floor pump for years. It is the best built one I have ever owned and unlike most pumps that would be considered “disposable” the Lezyne offers super solid construction and the whole thing is rebuildable. Which brings us to the Digital Shock Drive.

pump4 lezyne digital shock drive
The digital gauge on the Lezyne Digital Shock drive makes this task so much easier.

At a suggested retail of $74.99 usd it is not the cheapest shock pump on the market for sure. But if it’s the last one you have to buy it is not much to spend. Especially when you consider a “cheap” pump with that good old unreadable gauge sells for around $40-50 the extra few bucks is definitely worth it. The gauge as you probably guessed by now is digital with a nice and clean LCD display. Which makes it super easy to read in any light condition. No doubts on where you have either of your shocks at with those big numbers staring you in the face. Those numbers can go big too. Your maximum pressure on it is 350lbs/24 bars.

The chuck and hose on the Digital Shock Drive are super solid and fully replaceable. The chuck (the part of the pump you connect to the shock air valve) is also a zero loss design. Which means that the valve seals before it is removed to keep the pressure you wanted in there. The reinforced hose and chuck as you can see in the pic above also thread neatly into the handle to keep it secure when not in use. This design makes for a very slim profile that easily stashes in your pack. We highly recommend the Lezyne Digital Shock Drive shock pump. It makes things so easy and should be in the hands of every rider who ever needs one!

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