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worth it worth it

Pascal Blaurock sending a barspin at full speed with a borrowed pedal while Ludwig doing the same gap on the other side. WORTH IT – is an extreme MTB documentary produced by Leo Gamboc and Jonas Drechsler.

In the beginning of this year, thanks to plussizebmx, I got a chance to do many interviews among which I spoke to Ludwig Jaeger and Pascal Blaurock. These two skype talks definitely influenced our relationship and built mutual respect from the very start.


Thanks to #worthit I got the chance to meet these two fellas in person last week, and we had the best of times while filming this episode. It’s a little bit soon to know exactly why we had such a good time, after just speaking over the computer more than 4 months ago.

worth it worth it

The happy moments right after the almost legal operation “Flair the Berlin Wall” was successfully finished. #CantStop #Oakley 

What I know for sure is that I really like their riding. Ludwig – Instagram – is unpredictable. He doesn’t need huge jumps to impress you with his skills. He can pull a flair anywhere (really) and can always figure out a different way of riding a spot or a skate park that you probably would never think about. On the other hand, sometimes he does quick unlogical decisions that make you question his sanity, but after this week, I’ve learned this behavior is not called crazy, it’s just called Ludwig. Thanks to these unpredictable moments we had the best laughs.

worth it worth it

Pascal tailwhiping the street-mulch spot. Photo by master Ludwig.

Pascal – Instagram– is a trick machine. He can mix barspins and unturndowns in any trick and any line. He prefers skatepark riding and dirt jumping, but when he likes a street spot he will pull a banger. He suffered a severe knee injury last year that took him out for a while. After a long recovery, he decided to get comfortable on the 2 wheels again, have fun while doing it, but adapted his riding style to the “improved” knee.

worth it worth it

I’m not much of a street rider, but this spot and Ludwig’s angle choice brought the best out of me.

Every time when I write an article I like to analyze what went wrong or what was good from the past situation/week. I guess that’s just how my mind works with the goal to improve. Our group (with Jonas and some help of my mom) produced 800 clips and 200 photos last week, and that’s double of what we usually collect for the episodes. Could it be that this episode means so much to everybody that each one of us put in extra effort? Even if so, I still think that somewhere in the infinitive void of human relationships there is the answer I’m searching for, but I also understand that when the time comes I’ll be ready to hear it. In the words of the new generation, this past week was 🔥🔥😂🚲🙌👊💪

worth it worth it

Ludwig full speed in the jungle. Pascal capturing the moment.

I would like to send big thanks to Mellowpark for being such a cool place. They have so many options to ride that you have to be Dennis Enarson to enjoy them all fully. It has so much flow and so many choices. I hope that everybody that has the opportunity to ride it every day is truly gratefull for it.

They are running a crowdfunding to raise money to build Europe’s first super park, just like the one the Pros will ride in the first BMX Park Olympics in a few years. To help is easy, follow the LINK, check out the full Project M video and then decide with what amount you can contribute to this master piece. When you do that make a promise to yourself to visit Mellowpark when their work of art is finished (or sooner, they have plenty to ride already).

worth it worth it

The plan for the Super Park. Find out more HERE.

During the filming also my mom helped us with some shots. While filming for the episode Ludwig, Pascal or I were taking photos with a borrowed DSLR camera from @maenniska. Here are the best 30 from our time in Berlin. Enjoy and see you in the next episode.

Swipe ➡️ worth it for the full gallery.

Thanks to all the people that supported us from the start.

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