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Pass that Dollo 8: Tuesday with Piotrek Krajewski

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Piotrek Krajewski always ride the jumps he judge later on – just to know how hard they are!

Hello fellas, welcome again to my monthly article here at PSBMX.com! Hope you did enjoy last month of the real summer and used well all the sunny days! Each month I wish you to stay safe and guess what I forgot to apply it to myself and I have ended with a broken collarbone but about it later – as always I will start with last month’s highlights from the world of bikes and the news from myself!

Last month was quite intense with some big events. Starting with the main slopestyle event of the year – Red Bull Joy Ride where Brandon Semenuk withstood the pressure of rolling first and won the event for the fifth time. By doing it he has confirmed his outstanding skills combined with the best style and by this showed that he has it all and there is no need for him to continue competing on a slopestyle bike. However, one thing is worth mentioning – his victory lap and stylish whip that took him down but that’s not it – I want to say that for me it was quite embarrassing to watch him kick his front wheel for like 20 times. I know it is a matter of safety but come one like 1-2 degrees doesn’t make that big difference for just clearing the run.
Emil Johansson who is my favorite rider right now – when you look at him riding it is like watching Pumped Bmx version MTB with a bonus of super smooth style – pure pleasure! Second place at Joy Ride was just the information to the world “Hey, I’m just starting my years of domination”.

pass that dollo, piotrek krajewski, kraja, psbmx. dirt jumping, inspiration,  piotrek krajewski
When you want to look pro, but your hairstyle is onion.

Ryan Nyquist is a living legend and by ending this competition on the third place by the age of 38 is not something normal – I bet it has to do something with his #fartfridays!
Big shout out to all the riders who made a top to bottom run – I had a pleasure to ride this course last year with Szymon Godziek and it was super fun to ride without the tricks but riding it in a competition must be a hell of a task!
And at the end the case study of Nicholi who had a winning run and crashed on a barspin – last year this obstacle was rather tricky so I wasn’t that much surprised by it but anyway it’s a pity that he ended this way. Another thing to mention is his massive crash at the last drop – If it was like you or me to take that hit we would be dead and he? Stayed down a bit and chill!

pass that dollo, piotrek krajewski, kraja, psbmx. dirt jumping, inspiration,  piotrek krajewski
Baltic Games starting tower - claimed!

Coming up next to another not ordinary event was Red Bull District Ride – this was the event I was planning to break in and get some footage but the broken bone was just enough to resign.
So the first thing that was quite cool about the event was the judging system – dividing the track into five districts with the last bonus jump was really clever. All the sections were different plus the extra last booter to show some bangers for the massive crowd in Nurnberg.

Nicholi was for sure hungry for the victory after the bad luck at JoyRide and he showed his eager the first day by doing this crazy helicopter (1440) – the level of difficulty is known only to him and for this goes big shout out but for me this is more like for the Nitro Circus if you know what I mean. Anyway, he showed us some serious tricks and fully deserved a win that day! Emil Johansson finished second and by doing so, he has won the whole FMB World Tour and all this at the age of 18! This kid is amazing and I can’t wait what progress will he make in upcoming years!

The real boss is Szymon Godziek by clearing the superman seat grab one hand both in best trick session and his final run! Great job extension man – super good to see my good friend killing in at such big event! From the whole best trick session I would like to mention one freak – Tom Isted who tried double backflip superman and each time eat dirt heavily and then got up like nothing – well it is not surprising when you get to know he was the first rider to clear Nico Vink’s Loose Fest Line and only one to flip them!

pass that dollo, piotrek krajewski, kraja, psbmx. dirt jumping, inspiration,  piotrek krajewski
Summer office view for Piotrek Krajewski

So coming to my adventures I had a pleasure to be judging the Dirt Jumping and Bmx Park competition at the Baltic Games. As always I had to check the Dirt Jumps by myself to be sure about the fair judging – Shout out to Paweł Stachak for clearing the best run this day, Sam Pilgrim for second place and Mr. Polish Cashroll Marek Łebek for ending at the third position! Coming up to Bmx park this was super challenging to judge well – as in dirt competition you have maximum up to 12 obstacles at which riders go only once during the run and here one can create his ultimate line. Anyway, all the riders were happy with the results so I’m glad that we did a good job with Karol Kiryk from Radical.Tours and Czubaka from Dziabanko team!

A few days later with Dirt It More, we have organized our first training camp in Chatel France. Everything was perfect, starting with the crew, the weather and everything else. Each day I was feeling better on my DH bike even by flipping it the second day at the Reboul Jam Jumps. On the fourth day, I have decided to ride the old section of big jumps at the old site. I was feeling really confident and after clearing the small line I have decided to go for the big one. I have miscalculated the speed for this first huge drop which resulted in clearing it by centimeters and because of it I lost my awareness for few seconds and forgot to break down and went for the next jump. Before realizing that I have cleared the jump it wasn’t planning to ride it already too late to stop and I have landed like 5m below between the kicker and the landing – I couldn’t hold on to bike what resulted in rolling over and yes the result was the broken collarbone – I have to admit that I was really lucky to end it that way it only this bone was broken. So at the end of the day, I knew I fucked up because I didn’t manage to clear the whole new Vinks Line and week after the trip we have planned to go to Loose Session organized by Czech Republic Loose Riders but maybe next year.

pass that dollo, piotrek krajewski, kraja, psbmx. dirt jumping, inspiration,  piotrek krajewski
Sharing the passion is one of the best feelings in the world.

At the end I have broken my collarbone in quite a good way because it was without displacement and crack itself wasn’t that big so I will be back at riding quite soon. Taking into account the case with me crashing I want you to get the lesson out of it and be sure the check the whole track before going full send – Dollo didn’t stick to this rule and he has to take the punishment.
That would be it for this month –Stay safe and Cheers!

pass that dollo, piotrek krajewski, kraja, psbmx. dirt jumping, inspiration,  piotrek krajewski
Wishing you fast healing buddy!

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