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Palko Hraško at La Poma Bike Park for Junkride

The Junkride girls chilling while Palko rides La Poma Bike Park. la poma bike park

The Junkride girls chilling while Palko rides La Poma Bike Park.

We have the second video and the second part of the report from our Junkride (Watch this episode of Worth it with the Junkride Crew) trip in Barcelona. In the first video we showed Viktor Podstavek, if you did not see it, follow the article here. Another part of the report is dedicated to Palka Hraška and his video also mostly from the LA POMA bike park.

IMG_0535 la poma bike park
Palko and Victor flowing at La Poma Bike Park.


I was the third time in the BCN, and I still enjoy it, these lines are infinite, and through the wind our everyday is not so easy to resist. Dirty were perfectly squeaked as always, but according to Francis it was not the best condition, then we were surprised, haha. The new experience was for me trails rake, which was finally opened for the first time even when I was there. Unfortunately, it was only the first day so I did not really enjoy it. Technically they are really challenging jumps that will not allow you a mistake so I do not recommend the brakeless. The city, the parks, the streetics, all added to the atmosphere of the BCN, and the barbarians grew brilliantly. What more?!? I can not wait for the new year anymore, probably soon s5! KEEP IT FLOWIN ‘

IMG_1103 la poma bike park
No trip to Barcelona is complete without a stop at the Forum Walls.


Besides LA POMA, of course, there were cities, skate parks and streets. The city is huge, therefore, the bike is the ideal means to get around and you do not know how to find a skatepark or spot. All architects who proposed local parks had to be bikers or skaters.

IMG_0962 la poma bike park
The Junkride crew stoked as they should be to be in Catalonia.


Almost the whole of Barcelona is bordered by beaches, the sea was great, night swimming too. There are restaurants, bars, clubs where it is not the cheapest, but for example Lidl has the same prices as ours. The city still lives and there is what to do and watch, history, architecture. A party? Once again Junkride style, you can still think.

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