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Who the Hell is: Axel Weinmann

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Axel Weinmann roosting it through Reschenpass’s loam!

In this episode of “Who the Hell is” we have Axel Weinmann from Germany! We met Axel at Nine Knights as he was, apart of Bienvenido Aguado, a new addition the the crew! He has won the right to be a knight by his video submission, so we couldn’t miss a chance to talk to him and learn his story! Here we go! 

Hi there Axel! Could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Yeah, Axel Weinmann here! I am from Stuttgart, South-West of Germany, I am 23 years old and I am riding bikes!

Sick! So how did you discover riding bikes as an idea for your lifestyle?

When I was younger I went with my parents to the forest and I saw some other guys riding down the trail on their bikes and having so much fun I was like “Woah, that’s something I want to do”! So I have started riding mountain bikes and since then I went to different places with it and I am super stoked after first ten years of riding bikes!

How your parents and close ones see you doing “extreme” riding now?

My parents always supported me actually. They don’t want to see me riding because they get scared. For them, they love what I am doing and the fact I am happy through it. They don’t want to watch what I am doing on a bike in real life but always watch my movies or photos of me riding.

Haha, I can understand that.

We went to Winterberg one time and they were really scared for me. It’s better like that.

Have they ever seen you crashing? Classic “Mama watch this” and perfect crash scenario.

They never saw my crash live, just in videos, haha. They didn’t like it.

How did you end up in Nine Knights? What is the story behind it?

I went last year over to Canada for 6 months just for riding bikes and I met there El Flamingo film crew. We shot some awesome footage together in B.C.. I took all the footage from that trip and made an edit on the last evening of submission for Nine Knights. Next morning they have called me and said: “Yeah, you are in”. That’s the story!

Sick! What was your highlight from the Nine Knights week?

The week was pretty awesome! I started riding with Nico Scholze like 8 years ago and I was delighted to ride such a big event together with him and the rest of German guys. It was really impressive, kind of a goal achievement for me. All the other dudes out there were also super cool so riding with this crew is what really made me stoked.

What happened to your arm? Maybe not everyone knows that you are injured right now.

On Wednesday during Nine Knights, I wanted to end a sunrise shoot with Chris Laue on the Continental Axe wallride. When I jumped off it, I went too far to the flat. The landing was a bit sideways at that point and I couldn’t get myself in the right position, Fell, wasn’t that hard but when I stood up I felt my shoulder is a bit loose. I looked at it and it was quite obvious that collarbone is broken. Went straight to the medics, got sent to a hospital and they told me that my shoulder is fucked. Before that, it was just a dream to ride at Nine Knights!

Can you give any advice to people that would like to get involved in Nine Knights? We don’t know if the format will be still the same for next year but if so, what would you encourage people to do?

I would say they always should ride like the feel. Ride what you like, do the things that feel good for you. Take out your camera, shoot it, make a sick edit and try your best! Normally it would work out in the end.

axel weinmann, nine knights ,interbiew axel weinmann
Three musketeers going by the names of: Axel Weinmann, Olly Wilkins and Sam Pilgrim. Woods are calling!

How do you motivate yourself after crashes?

I got motivated if I watch a sick edit. Go on Pinkbike, watch cool new edit with a rider I am looking up to make me wanna ride. Same goes for trips with friends to new places. Just go for a session and have a great time – this things motivates me. Also, watch the videos I ve produced and remembering good times I had when I did them.

What is your classic “injury time” when you can’t ride your bike? Do you have any other passions than riding?

Yeah, there is always so much to do! I am building an oldschool Honda café racer from the 1970s…

You need to hook me up as I have the same plan (laugh).

Haha yes! These CL350s are just too good! I am trying to finish my first engine right now. Looking to finishing this project when my arm would be a bit better. There are also a lot to plan with mountain biking – organizing photoshoots and video projects for the next summer. Searching for new places, nobody rode before…

axel weinmann, nine knights ,interbiew axel weinmann
Last bits of shred.

So how did you get into the café racers? Do your parents showed you the way or you discovered it by yourself?

To be honest I never wanted to ride a motorcycle because I knew how much it hurts when you crash on a MTB at 30/40km/h in the woods and I knew if I ever get a moto I will ride it fast. Even if I am riding bikes I was fearing crashing on a moto. Then my dad was like, “yeah buy this motorcycle, it’s a cool one”. When he was 18 years old he bought completely destroyed Triumph TR140 from England with all his money and almost got kicked out from his parents’ house. He always wanted for me to have a motorcycle. Then I got older and discovered my love for old motos and started to build my own. Now it’s just fun!

Do your parents have any extreme passions or do any high-risk sports?

Not really. My Dad is doing a lot of cycling on the streets to work. For his age is quite a lot haha, he is a strong dude! My family, in general, liked bikes but mostly on the streets. Last summer my sister came to visit me in Canada so I gave her mine trail bike and we hit Coast Gravity Bike together. She just completely fell in love with MTB. We spent a week in the Dolomites this year but she rode pretty much through whole summer! She is going out riding every weekend now! Her boyfriend picked it up too lately (laugh). It’s growing in my family for sure. After a season my sister is really ripping!

How old is she?

She is 25!

axel weinmann, nine knights ,interbiew axel weinmann
Cruising with the man himself!

What is your ultimate dream in mountain biking? Do you want to win any contest or travel anywhere?

It’s more like not winning a contest but going to new zones, new places with a bike. Seeing stuff that would not be able without a bike in my life. Trying to find new places. That what gets me stoked.

What are your plans for 2018 and beyond?

Cool new projects, video and photo stories. That’s the plan! New countries, new places!

So who sponsor’s you for al off that?

Well, I am in the talks with Focus Bikes as I am not signed with anyone right now. We talked about it already with them so fingers crossed!

Any plans for “off-season”? Any winter sports you like to do?

Winter season is always a garage season as I have plenty to do with my café racer. Also planning for next season and riding my road bike to get my fitness back after the injury. Getting health again. I like to go skiing with my friends as we are quite close to the Alps too!

Are you more into #fitlife or partying as you can’t ride much now?

I am actually not partying that much. I focus on training my arm now to get it sorted as fast as possible. When I get healthy again, then I can start partying!

Do you have any local crew or a home spot?

Riding wise, we have plenty of good trails here in Stuttgart. Good but short. We also have dirtpark Feldstadt run by HLT crew! If I don’t ride my trail bike I ride my dirt bike so for a good evening ride it’s nice here!

Any shout outs?

I really want to do a shout out to the HLT crew, all my buddies! Also to my family, who always backed me up and have supported me!

axel weinmann, nine knights ,interbiew axel weinmann
Sending it from the day one!

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