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FMB World Tour: Torquato Testa Returns to White Style

Torquato getting all kindds of corked at FMB World Tour event White Style. fmb world tour

Torquato getting all kinds of corked at FMB World Tour event White Style. Pic by Christoph Laue

Torquato Testa is going full speed into the 2018 season after an absolutely insane and successful 2017 season that saw him standing on some podiums and cashing some of those giant checks. Torquato is back at White Style to try for the repeat in just a few days at Leogang on January 26th. We caught up with him for a few minutes to see what he was thinking about the new format and more…

As we had a chance to watch you riding and jibbing all around the place, have you ever got a chance to jump snow jumps?

Yes! But only during White Style basically! I also did a couple of shows in the past years on snow jumps similar to White Style!

How often have you competed at White Style?

I think it’s the 4th time!

What are your expectations for White Style?

Having fun and I hope for a sunny and not too cold weather 😀

Have you been practicing any new stuff lately that you are looking to pull in Leogang?

As always I try to improve my tricks in order to stay on top!

WhiteStyle_2017_Torquato_Testa_Tail_Flip_No_Hand_by_Christoph-Laue_ fmb world tour

What are your thoughts on the new battle style format of White Style?

Mmm.. I would say that it’s different..It’s not a contest anymore, it’s a battle! Let’s fight!

How do you prepare for a contest like this which is completely different than any other?

I love skiing so I go and ski between riding sessions!

Can we expect any bangers you’ve been working on?

Nahh, I wil jump straight.. ahahah just kidding, I will try to show you something new 😉

What’s your favorite part about White Style?

The sled race is hell of fun!

Is there anything you would like to tell our readers about White Style?

Take the warmest clothes you have and enjoy this unique battle on snow!

WhiteStyle_2017_Torquato_Testa_Flip_by_Christoph-Laue_02 fmb world tour

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