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What’s up with E-Pilgrim? Sam Pilgrim Interview!

Sam Pilgrim is still roaming the scene with one of the most talked about sponsors switches in the past few years, scoring thousands of comments, good, bad and ugly. Well, going from core dirt jumping company like NS Bikes into one of the biggest e-bikes producers – Haibike could be cringe-worthy for some of you. Why and how he did it?What’s next for Sam? Read on! 

pilgrimnineknights sam pilgrim
Guess who is here to rock and roll!

Hi there Sam Pilgrim! Been some time since we had a chance to talk! You have hit some headlines lately with your switch from NS Bikes to Haibike! So as I will dig that topic, later on, let’s start with classic “what have you been up to lately”?

Just riding loads and focusing on my YouTube channel, which is really good fun!

How is winter in UK treating you? Escaping it over the pond or keeping it local?

I’ve been keeping it local, but all the travelling will be starting up again soon! I’m looking forward to getting some sun!!

Any plans for the trips? We have seen you are looking for some videographers in Barcelona so hopefully some La Poma footage soon?

I went to La Poma and of course, the weather sucked so I could only ride street but that was cool because I managed to make another HOW I SEE IT video which is always fun!

Zrzut-ekranu-2018-02-15-o-08.05.16 sam pilgrim
Frame from new Sam's edit from "How I see it" Barcelona edition

After a brief chit-chat – let’s get back to business and talk about the switch to Haibike! For most of the followers, it seemed like “Sam’s go E-Bike” but we have seen there a smart move to keep on following your dream with just a new brand to represent. How it went for you?

Yeah, Its not really any different apart from the fact I get to ride e-bikes which are honestly the most fun ever!! They made me a jump frame and I have now convinced Haibike to make it available to the public so expect to see HAIBIKE DIRT frames this year!!

How would you sum up your NS Bikes journey? You spent with them quite some time, and seemed happy all the way? Is it because even the core brands turned to “enduro” as the sales pretty much run the show?

NSbikes has been amazing and the years we had together were awesome but I just wanted a change and I thought that switching it up completely to an e-bike brand would be exciting and come with some new and fun challenges and I wasn’t wrong!

Why Haibike? Biggest offer or just simply a nice team?

They were the only E-bike brand going in the extreme direction that I am used to, so I set up a meeting and let them know what I want to do and it was almost an instant agreement. The guys at Haibike are really cool and the direction Haibike are going fits with me so it was an easy choice!

sam pilgrim , haibike sam pilgrim
Sam Pilgrim on E-Bike? If you get to know this dude, you know he is all about fun!

You are one of the most mature riders on the dirt scene right now (no offence haha) – this switch seems pretty wise considering you are not risking it all just for the podium standing, as you have seen it all. What keeps you motivated to still enter contests and putting it on the line?

I still love contests, the travelling and excitement are always the same. I like to see all the riders together in one place, its fun to hang out with everyone and I’d like to get one podium this year, that’s my goal!

What bikes are you going to ride for Haibike (models)?

All of them, I can literally choose whatever bike I want and then go for a session its epic!!!

Are there any more changes coming for you sponsor wise?

Not yet.

Will we see some E-Pilgrim models ;)?

This is possible haha.

sam pilgrim , haibike sam pilgrim
Little glimpse into how Sam Pilgrim's bikes looks right now

Sam Pilgrim

When are you going to release some proper “Welcome to” edit?

Not sure, I think the VLOG style video is way better these days. Maybe later in the year, I’ll do a crazy edit!

What are you plans for 2018? Contests, projects or simply chilling with the crew?

Mostly YouTubing and creating cool videos but I want one podium result on the FMB circuit!!!!

If you want to shout out anyone, now it’s a good time!

Anyone that reads this is awesome and this is a shout out to you!!

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