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Talking with the Champ: Szymon Godziek on NS Bikes

szymon godziek, woliphoto, ns bikes szymon godziek
New chapter for Szymon Godziek and NS Bikes is on it's way!

Bartek Wolinski

We caught up with the people champion – Szymon Godziek, to talk about this recent moves! From joining NS Bikes – national competitor of his past 9 year sponsor – Dartmoor Bikes, new freeride edit in Utah, daughter, slopestyle plans and many more! Dig in!

Hi Szymon Godziek! Recently, the world has been informed that after many years you left Dartmoor Bikes – a company with which pretty much did the whole road to being a top athlete and went to its national competition – NS Bikes. What made you start 2018 like this?

It’s a destiny man. From the very beginning, I was always in touch with them and saw what NS did, because it was the biggest competition. Two Polish companies doing the best dirt equipment in the world were going head to head in hardware from year to year. In 2017, NS was clearly ahead with their DH and Enduro bikes, and after my last mega-successful slopestyle season, I knew, I wanted to focus on larger bikes in the years to come. This prompted me to think and finally, I am very glad that I got along with the Polish company, because it was close and I would drive for someone from abroad, but then there would be no climate.

How do you summarize all these years at Dartmoor Bikes?

These were beautiful years. A long way of progression for me and for the company and progress makes me happy and satisfied. I’ve been riding for Dartmoor since 2009 and throughout all the past seasons I loved my bike and I did not want anything else.

szymon godziek, woliphoto, ns bikes szymon godziek

Red Bull Content Pool: Piotr Staron

You are replacing Sam Pilgrim, who has been the face of NS Bikes for a long time. Sam went to the company associated mainly with e-bikes, you continue to press freestyle. How would you rate such changes?

E-bike is a business of future for many companies, and Sam shows that on such bikes you can also have fun and properly fly. I still have many dreams in my head associated with classic bikes and after recently getting on NS Decade for the first time, I know that this super-agile bike is perfect for my next tricks, which I want to learn. For the first time, I did a double tailwhip on it, I knew that triple tailwhip is not a problem. This bike is next level and I’m going to keep progressing with it.

You are one of the most experienced riders on the dirt scene – how do you plan your development as an athlete? Do you continue to push dirt and slopestyle, or is it time for a big bicycle and bigger jumps?

I still want to push slopestyle to the maximum, but I’m sure I will not leave my downhill bike for the whole season in the basement. Big jumps on a proper bike – surely, this is what I will be doing this season as much as possible!

What bikes will you be riding for NS?

There will be 3 bikes: NS Decade, NS Snabb and NS Fuzz. I’ve already ridden on Fuzz and Decade and they are fire. I do not have Snabb yet, but when I look at it, I already know it’s a dream bike!

You recently came back from Utah – what were you doing with Wolis and Flairmotion there?

We spent two weeks in Utah with a good team, because in addition to the three of us, there was my brother and his crew on the occasion of the BMX Triple Challenge and they came to join us in Utah. I was freshly after ACL torn in my knee and sprained an ankle, so it was my “return” to riding after a break. We managed to record something and make cool photos that will be published soon (watch below – PSBMX)

How NS Bikes Fuzz works – can you compare it to Dartmoor Roots?

I had the opportunity to test Fuzz well in Utah and I was shocked how well I can ride this bike straight away. I felt the effect of its progressive suspension, especially the moment of curing of suspension after landing a big drop. It happened to me few times on this trip, to close it fully and never once did I feel the kickback of the suspension, thanks to which I could not care about the consequences of jumping too short or too long on my first tries to clean a gap. In addition, the entire suspension was prepared for my weight and style of riding by the Spider Suspension, which allowed us to build the best machine for aggressive freeriding. For sure it is worth paying attention to how good it is to jump on Fuzz. The rear wheel has adjustment options so that the wheelbase can be adjusted. I ride a shorter bike to make it easier with the flips and 360s. Also, my Fuzz was made especially for 26″ (26 forever!!!). It also has a steeper angle of the headtube. It was important to me because this bike will not be used by me for heavy descents, as I’m more focused on jumps and tricks. You can not compare Fuzz to Roots because they are bikes on a completely different level. Fuzz just shreds everything and I felt in Utah like I discovered riding a big bike anew!

For how many years do you enter the stable of NS?

I go for a minimum of 3 years, but I am focused on long-term cooperation. I like to do cool things with people who are also in the same mindset of “all in or all out”.

What did you think about when you jumped on a bike with skis on?
This is not my idea 😀 Hubi & Kubi (freeski team from Poland) have already talked about it a year or two ago, and this year they had some special shorter skis with them to do it. I knew it would be easy, because often when something goes wrong with the flip combos, you have to throw the bike away and land it on your feet. The hardest thing to do in these skis was to ride straight and keep them on the pedals haha!

Have you already pick a bike for your daughter?

Daughter already has a push bike waiting for her. ☺ But honestly, I would love if she would go in the direction of freeskiing. We do not plan anything for her with my wife, we will show her a lot of opportunities. It will be up to her to pick her passion ☺

szymon godziek, woliphoto, ns bikes szymon godziek
Finding perfect dirt often ends up in Utah for MTB riders


How building a dream-yard next to your home is going on?

Slowly and forward. Last year we made a big progress, but there was still no time to finish everything. This year we need 2 weeks of work, and then I won’t touch it anymore – I will simply focus on having fun there!

How do you feel about Dawid Godziek returning to Dartmoor and becoming a big wheeled boy ?

Haha, I love it! Dawid is just like me – he likes new challenges and when something is going on. He always told me that we had cool routes at Crankworx and that he would like to rid them. It would be so sick if he came with an MTB and BMX to Rotorua and clean the course on both bikes!

szymon godziek, woliphoto, ns bikes szymon godziek
Always good to see Szymon Godziek on a proper bike and happy!


Are you preparing some next/new sponsor changes in your career? Who will you be riding in 2018 for?

There are several changes. From this year on I am on Novatec wheels – being on a trip and torturing a bike every day, without having to constantly tighten spokes and worry about it, something completely new to me – a very comfortable thing: D Among other things, thanks to these wheels my dirt bike is now the lightest it ever been. In addition, I started cooperation with Spider Suspension, who service and take care of my suspension – I am very happy about this cooperation because at the beginning of the year in Utah I understood how important it was that Spider set my bike. I’m also expanding my cooperation with Masters of Dirt. I will appear on all their shows and we are working on our gloves to be unrivalled!

What are your plans for 2018? Will we see you at Red Bull Rampage / Fest Series?

My main plan is to ride a big bike as much as possible because Fuzz makes me stokes as no other bike before! I’d like to hit Rampage. Just like some Fest Series stops in Europe too. We’ll see … I like life without planning it too much. For sure I will also spend a lot of time in my backyard preparing for Crankworx events!

Have a good one then and see you one the slopes buddy!

szymon godziek, woliphoto, ns bikes szymon godziek

With the level of progression Szymon Godziek has, we can’t wait what we are about to see when he is with NS Bikes on board! Credit: Red Bull Content Pool: Piotr Staron

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