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NEWS: Danny MacAskill´s Drop and Roll Tour is Back

Danny Macaskill and the boys are back for the 2018 Drop and Roll Tour danny macaskill

Danny Macaskill and the boys are back for the 2018 Drop and Roll Tour

Move aside Winter: Danny MacAskill´s Drop and Roll Tour is back and ready for the new season

Munich, March 28, 2018 – After a banger of a year in 2017, which saw the Drop and Roll Team travel all over the world, the crew is thirsty for more jaw dropping shows in 2018. With memories from epic events still fresh, Danny MacAskill, Duncan Shaw, Fabio Wibmer and Ali Clarkson are back on the road with European and North American stops on the cards. Ahead of the new season they´re dropping a teaser video today with some highlights from shows from the past couple of years:

They say you should always go back to where you were once happy. So that´s exactly what the show will do. While the calendar for the year is still taking shape and far away from being complete, the first dates are already set. The tour will start at home with a special appearance in Boat of Garten, Scotland right at the end of March on the 31st. Next up and only a few days later the event will return to a familiar place. The Urban Bike Festival in Zurich will feature five shows through April 6-8. Later that month Danny and co will be travelling across the Atlantic Ocean to California. For four days the center of the biking world will be in Monterey and the team is stoked to rock up at the Sea Otter Classic for the very first time where they are set to put eight shows for the ages throughout the three days of the event – April 20-22.

This Spring tour is poised to be just the start of what promises to be a busy year once again. A few months later, when Summer is already in full swing, the Drop and Roll Show will be heading back to the Scottish Highlands, where they will hit the Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival taking place August 2-4. Later that month the tour also will touch down in Germany with Eberspächer for the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf on August 25 and 26.

What does Drop and Roll in look like in 2018? The main ingredients of the recipe for the show are as fresh as ever. Expect an epic trials event seasoned with creativity, amazing tricks, a ton of sick moves and skills that are sure to rally up the crowd that is lucky enough to witness them. As always, fans can also continue to expect a number of giveaways from the official partners of the Tour: Five Ten, Continental, GoPro, Lezyne, Muc-Off, Eberspächer and Magura.

Duncan Shaw will be doing this drop for thousands this summer on the Drop and Roll Tour. danny macaskill
Duncan Shaw will be doing this drop for thousands this summer on the Drop and Roll Tour.

Ahead of the new season we sat down with Duncan Shaw who gave us more insight on where the Drop and Roll Tour is headed.

Hi Duncan! The Drop and Roll Tour caused quite a splash in Southeast-Asia last year and the shows there definitely wet the local crowds’ appetite for jaw dropping trails tricks and stunts. With stops in Indonesia and the Philippines now under your belt, are there any plans for further Asian stops in the future?

I can honestly say that Asia is one of our favourite places to visit and perform. We´d always talked about going and now having had the chance to bring the show there and witness the reception of the crowds has just been amazing.

No one knows what the future will bring but one day we´d absolutely love to ride in Japan – such a fascinating culture and I´m sure locals would welcome us with open arms.

The Drop & Roll Tour´s Highlights Reel is dropping today. It showcases just how much the tour has accomplished over these past couple of years – what are the moments that stood out to you the most?

Fortunately there are so many good memories – it´s really hard to pick just a few. I´d say the first show we ever did as a team in Belladrum was definitively special. To see what we had in our heads come to life and to get to do it in Scotland just really felt like the perfect homecoming for Danny and me.

Another moment – more recently – that sticks out is Eurobike last year. To have the whole team there – including Fabio – and getting to just enjoy our riding and perform in front of such a massive crowd at an iconic event is something we´ll never forget. But yeah, so many great moments so far and hopefully many more still to come.

Do you have a wish-list for the new season? If you could do something which you haven´t done in previous years what would that be?

We´ve actually been talking for a while now of doing our own standalone events as well. We´d love to invite new guest riders and also add new bike disciplines to the concept. I suppose it´s part of our desire to always stay creative, fresh, grow as a team and add something new to the show. We´ll always have a blast performing at events throughout the world and we´ll keep doing it for sure but in the future we´d definitely like to explore this route.

If you want to book the Drop and Roll Tour for your event, you can drop us a line and we’ll sort things out: dropandroll@rasoulution.com

Upcoming Shows

MAR 31 Ride Cairgorm Shop                           Boat of Garten,  Scotland

APR 6-8 Urban Bike Festival                            Zurich, Switzerland

APR 20-22 Sea Otter Classic                           Monterrey, California (USA)

AUG 2-4 Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival         Beauly, Scotland

AUG 25/26 Caravan Salon                              Düsseldorf, Germany

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