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Talking with a Champ: Dawid Godziek

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Dawid Godziek at Night of the Jumps. Photo by Ewa Kania

Dawid Godziek is back to his roots – as he recently signed back with Dartmoor Bikes for BMX and MTB contracts! Dawid Godziek made a name for himself over the years as one of the world’s best dirt innovator and as a bike prodigy in general. As he already won one MTB dirt contest in Kraków, Poland during Night of the Jumps event, and Monster Triple Challange on BMX this year, we know he has his mind on lock. As you read it, he is coming home with silver from Vienna’s Best Trick competition with twister no-hand (NBD?).

Video by Konrad Święch

We sat down with the champ himself and spoke a bit about recent changes in Dawid Godziek’s life.

What prompted you to change to MTB once again?

It made me think that there is not much going on in BMX. The competitions I ride mostly have a weak course with a small number of jumps, which are usually just boring. There is a lot going on in MTB. There are great tracks, a lot of competitions – it made me willingly mix both worlds.

I understand. As a known rider, you have access to more competitions than the average bike enthusiast. Are you able to compare how strictly dirt competitions on BMX and MTB you can take part in during the season?

I did not think about it, but I think that I would get 8 dirt BMX comps, which are worth attending.

And MTB?

Probably two times more would be found.

Do you follow the trend of “expanding the spectrum” of riding as an MTB as a BMX rider or something else that has motivated you to change?

I did not think about it this way, but the truth is that I am surrounded mainly by MTB riders because there are the most of them on my local spots. The same people persuaded me to return to MTB. Every now and then I tried, sometimes even with Szymon, and somehow it came out naturally.

Are you planning to try your hand at other “big wheeled” disciplines? Enduro or maybe Downhill?

I do not even think about it because I would not have enough time to live. As I look at the calendar with just dirt MTB and BMX comps, it is already quite stacked.

Which competitions are you planning to visit in the near future?

On the MTB it will be Vienna’s dirt contest as a replacement for Vienna Air King, and BMX will probably be FISE Montpellier – for a skatepark.

DSC_4131-1 dawid godziek
Dawid Godziek at Night of the Jumps.

Ewa Kania

I re-call you have a love-hate relationship with skateparks, am I right?

Haha yeah, a bit. Yet, the Olympics are coming so you never know!

Would you go and represent our country if they call you for duty to go there and ride park?

Yeah, I guess so! Yet, I am not looking forward to trying to master park riding skills on the level of world’s top. It could be pretty much impossible right now with the progression going on.

Well, you can’t be best in everything. Yet, as you specialize in dirt competitions, you had a promising start in the beginning of this year on the United States soil. Tell us about it.

Had a pleasure to win Monster Triple Challange contest series overall! I enjoy the format and the fact that there is normal prequalification before the main show, so everybody gets a fair chance.

Dawid Godziek Best Trick at Vienna Dirt Battle

What are your plans for 2018? Contests and projects wise.

I didn’t plan much for the second part of the year as many of the trips starts spontaneously. From the benchmarks, I would definitely go to XGames and make my dream come true (as you read it, Dawid Godziek made it) as last year was not the luckiest for me (Dawid Godziek had an injury on a training day before the flight and couldn’t attend it last year – PSBMX). XGames means USA and Australia. There is also a big chance to revisit Nitro Games too.

As for the projects, I guess I am booked for Red Bull project in November in Poland.

I guess you are looking for an indoor one judging by the casual Polish weather in November?

Haha, you are right but I can’t spoil much.

As a mysterious one, I saw you have recently come back from a Korea trip. What was that about?

Completely side gig with AveBMX team and daily STREET routines haha.

You also had a chance to drop by Szymon Godziek’s camp during his Utah photoshoot and ride in Red Bull Rampage – like sites both on small and big wheels. Would you accept an invitation to ride in this contest?

Damn, it’s not a thing that I wouldn’t second guess I think. It’s gnarly! These spots are no jokes! After seeing the drops and cliffs there I know how crazy Rampage riders are

As you run some different colours, who do you ride for currently?

Red Bull, Dartmoor Bikes, AveBMX shop, Doctor Cool.

As your history with Dartmoor Bikes goes round, on which bikes are you going to rep the brand? Do you feel any pressure and try to fit Szymon’s boots or you are simply back for fun?

No pressure at all. I told Andy (Dartmoor Brand Manager) that I am not here to build up expectations but to ride properly and have fun doing so! As for bikes – I got fo Two6Player and Blackbird!

How is the relocation of tricks going on? You may easily feel no pressure if you stomp Twisters week after having your bike built haha.

Haha well, it all depends on a trick itself! There are some that go in on the same day and there are some hard one. Nothing spectacular in that case. It’s not a BMX but it’s a bike so I will get there with tricks at some point.

P-20160808-00697_News dawid godziek

What are the most different tricks to do on BMX and MTB?

I would guess a simple 360. It’s waaay harder to the the proper nose dive on MTB!

Do you plan your daily rides to differ MTB and BMX days? Like, one day big wheels, one day small ones?

Not really, it is mostly due to the upcoming events. I have a tight schedule and I need to feel my bike properly before the shows. I supply the demand.

As we are on the case, after recent knee injury you caught the bull by the horns literally and jumped on the „fit and agile” wagon of riders that sweat not only spots but also gym. How a proper training affect your riding style as we are not getting younger anytime soon?

Well, don’t stretch and go ride I would say haha. Being flexible has a huge impact on your riding and you can’t deny it’s influence on your performance. This injury thought me how to maintain myself on a proper level.

Any plans to shoot a solid MTB edit with Szymon?

We are thinking about another game of bike edit. It would be fun to keep it all on big wheels.

As we are talking, you came back recently from Krakow’s Night of the Jumps FMX and MTB event. It was only a step-down and trick jump set up where you find yourself on the first step of the podium in your 2018 MTB career. Did you plan to kick it off with a twister?

I didn’t plan to stomp this trick at all! It was all natural. To be honest, I never trained it much on MTB. What I did was a slick plan to claim it with a cashroll barspin, but as I did it and still had a run to go, I went all in and tried Twister as it was on my list of upgrades I could do if someone would beat me. Somehow, it worked out! For the boys for the crowd!

Plans for 1440?

If I ride enough of FlyBag zone, I bet I would try it as I feel there is space for it after Twister. Thanks to this crazy spot I have a chance to polish my skills and compete on the top level – aiming for Nitro Circus event.

What is the story behind your „digging” company?

Well, I started it as a supply for my own needs, to dig my own jumps. People came and go, asking for a rental, so I simply supply the demand and after years I am truly happy to own a company that works for itself and let me not think about times when I don’t ride! Keep yourself busy! It lets you steam off and don’t mess your head to have a side gig. It also helped me through the injury time – well invested time that I would spend on looking for part time jobs and some stupid stuff so it paid off well!

Thank you for your time Dawid Godziek and see you around! 

P-20140217-00207_News-dawid dawid godziek
Dawid Godziek with perfect light setting on the dirt in California.


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