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NEWS: Trestle Bike Park Makes Epic Changes for The Future

Walter Neto ripping a berm at Trestle Bike Park in Winter Park, Colorado. trestle bike park

Walter Neto ripping a berm at Trestle Bike Park in Winter Park, Colorado.

It was announced in March that Winter Park Resort aka Trestle Bike Park would be receiving a bunch of major upgrades during the summer of 2018. The new parent company of the resort, Alterra Mountain Company, was going to invest 28.2 million dollars to modernize and update the resort in a bunch of ways. One of the biggest parts of the announcement was that the Zephyr lift that has been carrying most of us to the top of Winter Park for many many years is to be replaced by a new 10 person gondola this summer. Here is a idea of what the gondola might look like:

WPGondola-ArtistRendering.1 trestle bike park
The new Winter Park Resort aka Trestle Bike Park Gondola.

The thought of not having the main lift to whisk us and our bikes to the top of the mountain this summer has sent chills down the spine of many riders who are wondering what the effect of no Zephyr lift will do to summer laps. We spoke with Director of Mountain Maintenance Bob Holme to get the low down on the plan for the summer and got some info on the plans for the future. The plan is simple; instead of taking Zephyr to the top of the mountain we will start at the Gemini lift from the Winter Park base. This lift only takes you about a third of the way up the hill. Once you jump off there you will need to take a quick minute or so ride over to the Eskimo lift. Many of us take this lift throughout the summer right at the end of Rainmaker. Eskimo will get you to the top to access the entire mountain to stack boulevard laps or Shy Ann and all the rest. In addition to that of course Olympia will be running everyday to provide access to the new 36th chamber jump trail, Spicy Chicken and more.

It is very important to note that Holme and his crew are setting up Gemini, Eskimo and Olympia to handle more riders this season. All three chairlifts will get more bike trays to accommodate the increase in riders as well as the speeds will be adjusted to get more riders up the line in a short time. Other than the quick ride from Gemini to Eskimo I don’t expect much headache while taking laps at Trestle this summer. A lot of people have freaked out for no reason really. Truly all that has changed is that the line that sometimes formed at Zephyr might now be at Eskimo. But the new adjusted capacity of these chairs should make for a minimum delays. For a point of reference on the trails and lifts here is the current trail map for the bike park:

trestle-bike-park-trail-map-2017 trestle bike park
The 2017-18 Trestle Bike Park Trail Map.

But what’s really exciting is whats coming for the future! Some of the new new will be ready right away more or less at the park opening June 16th. The biggest I think is the new trail called Dirty Dozen. The trail opened on closing weekend last season. I only got two laps on it but I am dying to get on it this season. The trail drops in off of Long Trail just past 5 points and features an epic mix of rough natural terrain, hips, trestle drops and more. It will be a favorite this season for sure. Trestle Bike Park also announced that they will be staying open until 7pm on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights!!! Which is such good news. Want to avoid lines and stack laps? Come up mid morning and start riding when everyone goes to lunch and stack 7 hours of laps. If you can ride that long.

dirtydozen trestle bike park
The start of your new favorite trail at Trestle Bike Park.

Also in the summer plans is construction of several new trails and connectors. Which all lay out the plans for…wait for it…wait for it…a whole new zone on the mountain coming soon.

Things might be a bit tricky this summer but with the lifts at max capacity and extended hours I am sure the headaches will be minimal. You can just spend your couple of extra minutes dreaming about how epic it will be when the new gondola gets us to the top of the mountain in like 5 minutes. We will see you at out there this summer!!!

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