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Notes from Joyride Festival Kluszkowce

Notes from Joyride Festival Kluszkowce joyride

Night brings the colours out of Szymon Godziek during Joyride Festival! Photo by Michał Gałczyński

Kluszkowce, end of May 2018, Joyride Festival. One of the largest events centred around MTB in Poland – truly an event that gathers generations of riders in one place.

How was this year? Well? Wrong?

We caught up with Michał Gałczyński who sent us his brief notes on how it was this year along with a bunch of photos Michał made. Here are some words that should give you a reflection of his trip.

joyride festival, szymon godziek joyride
Ready to enter the festival?

Michał Gałczynski

“It was well for sure in terms of organization. Great party, even greater climate for both families with kids or hardcore riders. This year the weather was still not good after past editions. 3 o’clock in the afternoon, the party is spinning, good vibes all around and suddenly BANG! Clouds poured, everyone is running away, the girls are getting wet and the starts are transferred to the next day. Not cool at all.

Fortunately, on Saturday the weather stabilized, all planned events took place. The cross-country marathon, bunny hop contest and jumping on the Fly bag have happened outs. Of course, the whip contest was one the main points of the second day of the festival. Whip contest, like every year, gathered the greatest amount of public, with a raging crowd when the riders put their bicycles sideways. Even Szymon Godziek and Piotrek Krajewski appeared!

joyride festival, szymon godziek joyride
When it rains, we party!

Michał Gałczynski

Sunday was marked by finals of downhill and pump track competitions. This was also the last day of the fair. You could still go on a trip or take training in riding techniques. Summarizing – Joyride has a great potential, attracts crowds of both visitors and exhibitors and keeps it fun! We managed to gather well-known names and ensure organization in spite of unfavourable weather. Until next year!”

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