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“Out of Shadows” by szachimat from Audi Nines

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Peter Kaiser with the shot everyone was hoped to get. Big props for actually sticking it! Audi Nines build best courses, hands down!

That’s it, that’s all. It already far too late to make you hyped up for the Audi Nines 2018 MTB gallery but Mateusz Szachowski, aka @szachimat, aka simply me will try.

First things first, I am really grateful and want to state it once and for all – Nine Knights / Audi Nines were my best events up to date – vibes, possibilities and family that gathers all the sicko’s from all over the world is something I have never experienced, ever, at an MTB contest. Thanks, Mr Zacek and the rest of the Distillery gang for making it happen, always true to the bone and balls out.

This year (my 3rd Nine Knights/ Audi Nines contest in the books) I travelled with my videographer and well-known shredder Piotrek Krajewski to capture what we think will give you a hint, why this place is simply riders heaven. As we still wait till Kraja will deliver video which I heard about “next Sunday” far too many times, I am done with the wait, and my gallery is here to stoke you a little bit.

I picked shots altogether, from all 5 days of shooting into one gallery to showcase what I think makes this event stand out in terms of riding.

To give you an insight into the shooting conditions – it was harsh. Not only because Germany is well known for beer as the only drink real man drink in work, but also as the quarry was just a… quarry. With the levelled obstacles and pretty much any creative light past late evening, all the props go to the media crews for staying on the course for at least 8h daily trying to get the best out of it. We shared angles, recommended shooting spots and yelled across the valley “how it looks from there”. Everybody works together, get out of frames and cheer you on dope shots. Yet, even with a squad like this, you can’t always win what you want. After past years, I dreamed about the morning session, which simply sucked in 2018. So as light beams were my favourite during the past editions, I turned into shadows for this one. Fun fact is I shot 90% of Audi Nines on my telelens far above 200mm mark. From another side of the valley most of the time, like most of the gathered crowd. All snipers unite!

If you managed to read till this moment, I salute you, as not many people dare to take on written words. For you, I saved my little “coming out” as I come to a point, I no longer see my work connected to the vibe of PSBMX which turned soulless over the past year due to changes I am also responsible for. This is a bit of farewell, a bit of seeing you later gallery as I am moving on with my style into a new project. Myself, which I hardly saw relevant over the years, but I as for now, I have a clear vision for my progress. I love you folks, each one of you that smiled even once from my photos, texts and interviews. Bikes are my life since I picked up our tools of trade, and I couldn’t be happier where bikes and PSBMX got me, and I got them.

Have a cold one and see you on the road!

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